While celeb mags are putting pressure on women into shaping up for the new year, we thought we’d just celebrate the bodies we boys have, no matter what shape or size they are.

We caught up with gorgeous Mark Franks from The Overtones to talk about how he stays in shape, whether or not he’s vain and how he keeps his nether regions in tip top condition.

You look amazing Mark  but what kind of body type did you have when you were younger?

When I first moved to London fifteen years ago I remember buying 28″ waist jeans from Topman. I was working as a dancer, doing lots of cardio so I guess I was pretty lanky. Toned… But lanky.

What made you decide to start shaping up?

My friend had started going to a personal trainer and I could see that he was definitely getting the results he wanted. I, on the other hand, was still up to my old tricks. Handing over money every month to a gym I never went too. So I quit the gym and started having PT sessions.

12467776_10156424307010525_1039876181_nWhat regime did you decide upon? What was your daily fitness regime and food diary?

Five years later and I’m still going to the same PT. I try and go to him two to three times a week and have recently joined my local leisure centre so I can try and fit in some extra sessions. Three days a week with the PT is a full body workout, so anything else is just a Brucey Bonus.  Food wise, I try and avoid any white carbs. Rice, bread, potatoes. And, even with my sweet tooth, try and resist snacking on ‘treats’. Chocolate, cakes, biscuits etc.  On Sunday’s I allow myself a cheat day. As I’m most probably hungover this usually takes the form of a Five Guys or the cheesiest pizza I can find!

When did you start seeing a difference?

I think a combination of getting older and working out has meant I’ve filled out somewhat since my 28″ jeans days. I certainly ain’t got the perfect body, it’s constantly work in progress. Besides, I feel like there’s more to life than obsessing over the perfect 6 pack.

What else do you want to do?

I think I could do with stepping up my cardio. Having been a professional dancer i used to have that side of things covered and never bothered with cardio at the gym. Now things have changed and I’ve noticed a change in my stamina so I’ve made a New Years resolution to get down the park a few times a week to sweat it out!

Just relaxing…

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How vain are you?

I mean, to be in the industry I’m in you have to have a certain level of vanity. I certainly care about my appearance when I’m representing The Overtones or out on the town but nipping down the shops? I’ll be in my trackies, probably with major bedhead!

Do you wax / shave chest / or embrace chest hair?

I don’t mind a bit of chest hair. I try and keep it trimmed tho.

Do you manscape?

I certainly do. Think it’s good to give the old fella a short back and sides. It’s not the 70s!

Do you prefer boxers, briefs or nothing at all?

Boxers. But not those baggy ones. A nice pair of Calvins has always done the job.


Guess mark's 80's tune??

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