As you’ve probably already gathered by now we LOVE Richard Hadfield, the beefy fifth of all-singing, non-dancing balladeers Collabro. So you won’t be surprised to see that as soon as we had heard he’d posted his first ever solo vlog online, we were on it like a car bonnet.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 21.37.20

The handsome singer, who recently launched a solo project entitled Swingfield, has decided to keep his fans up to date by posting weekly round ups on YouTube. And the first one didn’t disappoint, as he took us behind the scenes of Collabro’s current tour, where he caught up with his adorable niece and nephew.

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But the moment that took us by surprise was when Richard was chatting to camera in bed when all of a sudden a hand appears from behind and snatches at his glasses.

No! We at GuysLikeU hadn’t crept stealthily into his bed (we wish we’d thought have it first!), it was in fact his gorgeous girlf Roxy (the lucky minx!) who thought it’d be funny to whip off his specs during the clip!image

But enough of us waffling. Watch this outrageous attack for yourselves and let us know in the comments section what you’d like to see Richard do in his next video

Watch Richard sing Lionel Richie’s classic track Hello here!

Catch Collabro at The Royal Albert Hall next week. A handful of tickets are still available here.