Prowling around the stage on The Voice UK belting out an Tina Turner classic was always going to be enough to please the gays. But clad in a skin-tight leopard print one-piece was simply the icing on the cake! Beth Morris, where have you been all our lives? Oh well, you’re here now, so welcome to the world of showbiz. We reckon you’re going to be here for some time to come. We hooked up with the 26-year old pop strumpet to chat about choosing Paloma, why she loves her gay mates and how she nearly turned her back on success!

 So, Leopard print. That made quite a statement.

I just totally love leopard print, so it was a no brainer to wear that.

Well, you have a great figure for it, so well done.

I’m not sure about that, but I gave it a good try.

Is this your first step into the industry?

Not exactly. I’ve been in an originals and covers band with my brother for years, but this is the biggest thing I have done.

How come it’s take you so long?

When I was younger I had no self belief. Now I’m older, I understand that you have to believe in yourself other wise you can’t get anywhere in life so I went on a journey and started to believe in myself.

What was it that made you change your mindset.

I was 24 when I realised I had been working professionally for five years but hadn’t got anywhere. I knew I could sing, but I think I never really wanted to be centre of attention. But then I realised if wanted to make it I had to get myself out there. So I told myself off and I went from there

Were you worried about people judging you?

I just didn’t think I was good enough. But then I came to realise that you are you and I am me. In this world there is no one else like us – we are just us and you understand that some people will like you, and some won’t. If you are a good person and you are true to yourself that’s all you can do in life.

Beth Morris Voice Blinds1Amen, sister. We hear you’ve been styling Ferne McCann.

Yes, I was doing freelance styling and worked with her on her range and she was amazing. She is so beautiful in person. I have to admit I wasn’t a massive TOWIE fan, I didn’t have time to watch it to be honest. But she was so professional and a great business women. I knew she’d go onto big things and was pleased she did so well in the jungle. She is intelligent and is a real woman’s woman! I’d better message her, hadn’t I?

What kind of music did you like when you were younger?

I loved Rod Stewart, in fact I still do. I know he’s a man, but I just used to love his dress sense.

Well, he wore leopard print too.

I liked Little Richard. I really like the quirky, kooky stars who have great stage presence. You know, like Prince and Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse – she was so talented. But James Brown is my all time favourite. I love real music. The old skool ones played real music.

You sang Tina on the show. She’s pretty distinctive.

Oh my god. Tina is another of my all time favourites. I was really moved by her story – what a woman. When you see her on stage you cant stop looking at her. I would love to be like that and capture the audience. 

Do you have an embarrassing records?

I found an S Club 7 record the other day

Don’t be ashamed, gurrl!

I found Another Level, Five. I’ve got the lot.

Well the music you grow up with is the music that evokes memories….

Definitely. I put it on and it took me back to the parties I used to got at school. Music is great like that, it can bring back so many memories

That’s what’s great about releasing music – it has a life of its own in other peoples’ lives.

Oh yes, definitely! Knowing that your song has been played at someone’s wedding or it’s got them thru their break up is an amazing feeling. Music can help people and that’s amazing.

So you picked Paloma. Surprise!

I had actually intended to go for another one of the coaches but changed my mind. But she was so sisterhood. She was going on about empowerment – she had the same kind of views as me. She was passionate about things. She was so pro-women. I completely connected with her. So then my gut said go for her.

So were you gonna go for

Yeah I was.

Thought so, we can read you like a leopard print covered book. So, you look the type to have a million gay pals.

Oh I do, I have so many. I love the energy. Its clichéd to say but when they meet up with me, they are just so honest. Women are always nice about clothes and stuff, but my gay mates will tell me if I look like a sack of shit. I love the gay community.

What do you think gays love about you? You have the hair, the lips

I am just me. I am as quick as they are. Plus I look like a drag queen, I dress like a drag queen, so they probably love that.

Would you love to be a gay icon like Kylie or Babs Stresiand?

Oh I so would. Those gays are so loyal to them and I would love that too.

What kind of qualities do you think you need to be a diva?

Women need to have empowerment, they need to know who they are, they need to own their alter ego on stage. They need to show other women how to be a woman and still fight for our rights, as we’re not completely there. We have to be an inspiration to the sisterhood.

You sound so 90s Geri Halliwell.

Oh do I? I suppose it is very girl power. I’m really up for that Girl Power.

NEON group v5 EMBARGO 17_12_15Are you the kind of gal to kick off?

I’m sassy on stage, but me in real life I would never be rude to anyone. I have the feist in me and stand up for myself and for others but I would never be rude or temperamental. On stage I am a diva, but off stage I’m a mouse.

Do you think prowling round the stage in leopard print might scare men off?

I don’t think I do too badly actually. I can imagine my stage persona might be quite intimidating, but I’m a pussycat off stage. I’m engaged anyway, to a guy who all my gay mates think looks gay. And he does. But he’s not, of course. We get on great and have been seeing each other for over two years. He’s got great hair – he’s vainer than me.

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