French opera hunk Vincent Niclo reveals how singing sensation changed his life forever!

He’s the suave, debonair French singer whose stunning vocals will send shivers up your spine. His name? Vincent Niclo, a gorgeous singer who is massive in his home country of France and has worked with a certain Ms Celine Dion.

This week sees the release of his rather fabulous album Romantique, featuring a collection of beautiful songs that will get you in a romantic mood. Featuring such tender classics as She (Charles Aznavour), Skyfall (Adele) and Hurt (Christina Aguilera) this album will have you entranced and feeling all gooey inside – so perhaps not best to listen to on the way to work, just in case you, er, get a little too romantic in public!

Here, in the first part of our amazing interview, Vincent reveals how singing legend Celine Dion changed his life beyond recognition!

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You’ve loved singing all your life, haven’t you?

My father is a singer, so I was raised with music. There was simply no question that I would end up being a singer, whether I were in the subway or on the stage. But it was when I heard Pavaortti singing Nessun Dorma and I had a shock, I was nearly crying. Why? Because I never knew what power you could have in your voice that comes through your heart to give you that big emotion. So I said to myself, this is want I to do. But at the time I wasn’t sure if I could do that, as I was just 13.

Did you know that you could you sing at that early age?

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I had what it took. But I had a teacher who taught me how to sing opera and after a few years of training he told me that I had the voice for that! I was thrilled.

No many 13 year olds dream of being opera stars – what else were you listening to back then?

I was listening to very modern music, like George Michael, he had an amazing voice. I loved him as a solo artist and when he was in Wham! He is not only a great singer, he is an amazing songwriter too. I loved U2, too. But after that I wanted to pursue opera and people around thought it was very unusual. But I enjoyed singing it because it gave me such energy. When you reach those high notes from the deep with in your body, it is so powerful. You are surprised at what you are able to do. But it takes years of practise.

And you’ve performed with Celine Dion, yes? What a dream! 

I sang All By Myself for you with me The Red Army Choir. Can you imagine. With her watching it, I was so nervous. It was such an amazing opportunity, but I found it  challenging because I was singing a song that she had made so famous. That moment changed my life forever. But she liked it and was very kind to me. In fact, she and her husband then offered me the chance to open for her shows in France. How could I refuse that? She has always been very good to me. We still speak now and I am forever grateful to her.

Do you have a lot of gay fans? 

I have all sorts I have lots of older women who look after me and tell me to make sure I am eating well, but then I have younger female fans who come to my show. They are all very respectful. But yes, I do have some gay fans…

Well, of course you do, you’re very handsome…

Ha, I’m not sure it is that. I think maybe they enjoy the music and the drama. At the end of the day, my music, I believe, appeals to everyone…

TOMORROW: Vincent reveals how he was devastated by his parents’ divorce and how he overcame the bullies to become a very successful star!