To mark their 20th anniversary, the mighty Steps have returned to planet pop with an explosive dance tune that will change our lives forever.

We should have known from the bacofoil outfits on the single promo shot that Steps’ comeback single Scared Of The Dark was going to be reeking of 70s disco kitsch and a delicious dollop of 90s dancefloor sass.

Kicking off with a flamboyant string intro that Donna Summer would kill for, this has ready made pop classic written all over it.Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 19.57.55Part Abba, part Alcazar, ALL joy this ridiculously overblown romp is never boring. With a satisfyingly predictable melody and set of chords, timeless lyrics about getting over a broken heart by hitting the dancefloor, this is a song that will appeal to anyone who longs to lose themselves in musical deliriousness.

This isn’t some meandering glum-a-thon sung by a vocally-challenged nerd clutching his geetar like it’s the only girlfriend he’ll ever have.

No, siree. This is everything but. The powerful melody, thunderous vocals and incessant beat are as powerful and as deadly as a bullet.

Quite frankly, this song is simply everything, and comes at a time when the world is in danger of becoming too boring, too anodyne and too safe.

And by golly, this thumping anthem will most certainly and refreshingly mess things up good and proper!

Why? Because it doesn’t try to be cool or be current. Nor have the gang tried to sound like someone else. It simply reeks of Steps and that’s what makes this 3 minute 40 second masterpiece so goddamn special.

In ten years time, will we really look back on Clean Bandits and Zayn Malik’s recent output with warmth and affection? Will we heck as like!  They’ll either be forgotten or sneered at for sounding so 2016/7.

Meanwhile, this slab of disco cray-cray is so utterly timeless and buck-trending that it will never actually date. In fact, what the Steps gang are doing is so against the grain, it’s almost punk rock!outside__519_retouched_final_0

Yes, H, Claire, Lisa, Lee and Faye are the new Jonny Rottens. They gone against everything that is socially acceptable in this day and age and rammed it in everyone’s faces. And hallelujah to that!

This bunch of all-smiling, all-frolicking lughole-botherers know people are going to sneer at them, but they don’t give a damn and that’s why they are so bloody rock n’ roll.imagegen.ashx

They might not throw tellies out a window, or get busted in a hotel room with a bunch of coked-up hookers, but they couldn’t give a Taylor Swift about whether or not some musty smelling muso thinks their dandy ditties are are as skin-crawling as Teresa May in Ann Summers lingerie.  And neither do we.

In fact, we want more, more, more and hope that Step’s mighty return will finally bring about some kind of cultural revolution and bring back that fabulous sense of wonderment, fun and fantasy that pop music no longer has.

So welcome back Steps. Its been too long.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 19.58.09