We fellas love a bit of Drag Race, don’t we? We can’t enough of the glamour, the heart-wrenching stories and the rib tickling shade.

So when we heard that there was an official range of RuPaul T-shirts available at Primark, we couldn’t wait to dash through the aisles to snap one up.

But when we got there we couldn’t find any, no matter how hard we tried scoring the men’s department. It was only as we mooched heavy hearted toward the exit that we noticed the sassy threads hanging up in the women’s section.

Er…hello? RuPaul’s Drag Race has a pretty big male fanbase, right? So how come these amazing T-shirts haven’t been placed in the men’s department as well as the women’s?

Primark have responded to the question and said:  “The product is currently placed in our Women’s wear section but we welcome customer feedback and are exploring the possibility of stocking a similar product in Men’s wear. Thanks!”

Well, boys, lets give the mighty Primark a bit more of a nudge and get those tasty Tees in the mens wear area pronto!