After a return to traditional roots for their last album Home, The Corrs are finally back with their beautiful, pop-rock stomper White Light. Kicking off with the unapologetic and empowering I Do What I Like which sounds like an older, wiser and less shadier sister to I Never Loved You Anyway, Andrea Corr has never sounded better or more lucid. There are some other killer licks like title track White Light, a spiritual take on the way fame can take its toll, the gorgeous Avicci-esque Stay and the electro-pop lushness of the uplifting Unconditional.

As the pace slows down, we find The Corrs have lost zero shine. Ellis Island is stunning, stripped-back and insightful, Harmony is haunting and reflective and one of the highlights of the album is the sorrowful and bittersweet Kiss Of Life. There is a dashing and thunderous tribute to late father Gerry in the form of the magnificent instrumental ode Gerry’s Reel.

We’ve forgiven The Corrs for their decade-long absence, but thankfully they have not forgotten their sonic blueprint of gorgeous and ethereal harmonies coupled with celestial Celtish backdrops. Lush.

REVIEW: White Light - The Corrs
70%Overall Score
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