Matthew Camp is a model, an actor, a radio host and all round superstud. Now he’s whipping his hundreds and thousands of fans into a wrist-shaking frenzy thanks to the launch of an absolutely naughty OnlyFans page. We hooked up with the New York based hunk to chat about why he’s happy to get down and dirty on camera for our pleasure.
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Since we last spoke you have launched an Only Fans site.
Ha yeah! It’s been a fun time. I felt there was so much stigma around pornography and glorifying it as an art and business that it felt like a natural way to quietly overturn that. I mean we are all sending our dicks around to strangers on these apps for free (lol, well I’m still doing that haha!) but why not give people longer and better content on my own terms.
You seem to really enjoy expressing your sexuality on camera – where do you get this confidence from?

It never felt shameful for me to enjoy my body both in person and on camera.  I guess I just wasnt born with that gene that stops or shames most people. I began to develop a sense of my sexual self around 15 or 16 maybe where I felt empowered by the sexual encounters I experienced.  Lol people enjoyed seeing me sexually and its not like that was a turnoff. My mindset has always been that my body is a fun thing to share and I never internalized any shame. It’s just a dick afterall haha…

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Your body – and we’re not talking about, er, that – is getting bigger and more impressive – does this give you confidence?
Fuck yeah, haha! I think if you can’t be turned on by yourself or become the person/body that you would want to hook up with then, I don’t know.  So yeah, there’s a lot of confidence building in sculpting your body to the form you like.

Your clips are explicit – is there anything you wouldn’t do on camera?

I don’t like anything where the participants are not enjoying themselves.  I mean I’m not afraid or turned off by much but I think it’s important that the people you are filming with are comfortable and into what’s going on so if everyone wants to get spanked or get in a tub or whatever I say fuck yeah, let’s do this.
What do you fans request most of you?
A lot of feet stuff.  Which is great because ive always been turned on by guys feets and shoes.  I think there’s a lot of masculine energy in a guys foot/shoes and i think its been kind of a forgotten kink.
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What do your friends and family think about the OnlyFans channel? Have you tried to keep it quiet from anyone?
Well I didn’t bring it up when I went back to California for Thanksgiving haha. My sister and I are tight and she is a fucking amazing human being so she gets it.  I don’t hide it out of fear of upsetting anyone – my family in particular dealt with me as a very sexually aware teen and young adult so nothing shocks them any more.  If anything I hope more people see it not necessarily for the money but to make them want to do it too!! If I can help someone feel more comfortable whipping their dick out on camera that’d be amazing.
People do criticise this world – do you think a lot of people take sex too seriously?
Ugh yeah. I mean that’s a hard question to pin down to a single response. Sex should be taken seriously. I mean there are real dangers people need to be aware of.  Actually not seriously – I think sex should be more respected than taken seriously. It’s this amazing power and tool that we all share – that’s something that should be respected.

We noticed you have just appeared in a clip with the Britney guy Chris Crocker – how did that happen? Are you dating?

Lol! Chris and I were doing a shoot for an underwear campaign in NYC and I had him come on my radio show Happie Campers. He has such a story to tell and I’m so happy to know him. I like to surround myself with people who may be misunderstood or typecast because they are always so much deeper than what the world sees. Chris is a genuine person and a real good time haha but sorry I’m enjoying the single life for now.
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We’re guessing your single – if you had a boyfriend would you both perform on camera or would you have a relationship where you partner lets you continue to perform?
Yeah, I would love to get off on camera with my hypotehtical boyfriend. I think anyone that would fit in my life in a romantic way would connect on the same levels and understand/share my views of sexuality.
Have you got any more acting into offing.

Yeah, I’m currently reading some scripts for horror movies and I have a few projects of my own that I would like to work out which are also kinda horror.  I am working on a project now that should be out in a few months which will be a big step for me so you’ll just have to stay tuned.

Whats the plan for 2019?

Well, I  just moved into a beautiful rennovated church that I want to turn into an insane party space for people.  My mission in life is to continually surround myself with people having a good time – it’s contagious. Also I have my radio show Happie Camper – clever name right? And always more fun things to share online.  I gotta have fun with this body while it all still works haha.

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