Gorgeous actor Nicholas Downs needs your help!

The super cute actor, best known for his role in legendary gay rom com Is It Just Me?, has written a romantic short film called Dream Man (to be directed by director JC Calciano) and needs your help to raise money to shoot it.  We caught up with the dandy fella to find out more.

Nicholas, what’s Dream Man about?

A single man finds ways to have a handsome repairman continue to have to come back to his house to fix things, even if he has to break them himself – with a little nod to Walter Mitty.
So what is it you need?Not that much really. By utilizing the talents of my friends in the business I can keep the budget low and make sure every dime goes into making it the best film it can be. I have set up an indiegogo campaign to help see this project come to life.  https://igg.me/at/Nicholasshortfilm/x/16726955


Do you think we have enough lightweight LGBT films for us to enjoy?

I do think that dramatic LGBT films outweigh comedies overall, but for the longest time I feel those stories were needed and important in getting the LGBT voice out there. And they still are. But as we progress, I think there becomes more and more of a place for comedies and romantic comedies. It’s a way to show people who happen to be LGBT in the same situations that anyone finds themselves in. We all go through the same things and our relationships do too.

We rarely see gay love stories – it’s mainly about death or lustful sex. Time for a change?

I think that skin sells and those films definitely fill the seats. But there are plenty of people who want to just see a love story, two people falling in love not matter the genre.


A 9 year old boy killed himself last week after he was getting bullied for being gay. What should schools do to make things better

Educate and Communicate. The more we put ourselves out there the more youth will see us just living our lives, being who we are without shame. I find living by example to be a huge teaching tool. And as far as schools, there needs to be equal education when it comes to LGBT youth. If sex ed is taught it needs to be across the board, the more the schools normalize and equalize the better I think it will be for the students.

When Disney cast British straight actor Jack Whitehall in a gay role in an upcoming film, there was an outcry. What do you make of this decision?
I understand the sensitivity of casting actors in roles that actually fit the characteristics of the part. But we are actors. If gay can play straight then straight can play gay. I think what needs to happen more is that Hollywood needs to be more open minded about the former. I think that’s why there is some outcry. It becomes a double standard sometimes. It’s ‘brave’ for a straight actor to play gay, but why not the other way around? That mindset needs to change.