Okay. So when we first heard that Kylie was producing a Christmas album, we thought, ‘Eek, it’s all over!’ After all, what self-respecting pop goddess would even consider recording an album of cheesy festive fare?

That old disco Grinch Madonna certainly wouldn’t, that’s for sure! But then our Kyles is a different kind of pop star. She’s pop through and through and could, as Mariah Carey did before her, probably knock out an album of tinseltastic tunes and make is sound extraordinary. Which, thankfully, she has!Kylie-Xmas

Yes, Kylie Christmas might be a little cheesy, but by golly, it’s a right fun romp. Why? Because it’s soon much better than her last album, Kiss Me Once. Like Light Years, which is considered by many her most satisfying album, this record sounds timeless.

The tunes are refreshingly pure and catchy, not dressed up in new-age dance productions. Some of the tracks are faithful nods to the Christmas classics of the 50s and 60s we all know and love (which are beautifully produced) while covers of The Pretenders’ 2000 Miles and Yazoo’s Only You are beautifully stripped back and are simply astonishing and surprisingly effective. In fact, James Corden; who knew you had such a cute voice?

Of the new songs, the Chris Martin-penned Everyday’s Like Christmas is sweet and anthemic (the SAW remix is a joy to behold!), while the much-lauded duet with sister Dannii (100 Degrees) is a fun disco romp but not nearly as exciting as we had hoped for. By the far the best tune is the yummy 60s pastiche White December, which is basically Kylie’s All I Want For Christmas moment. With its jingle bells and 60s Spectre-esque vibes, it is without a doubt the perfect soundtrack to Christmas 2015 and – you know what? –  probably for the many more to come.