With just days to go before Britain’s Got Talent kicks of its new marathon run, Italy has given us a taste of what we could expect.

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A young gay couple called Roberto and Umberto dazzled judges and viewers with a passionate and beautiful modern dance routine on Italia’s Got Talent and were put straight through to the show’s final. But that wasn’t the biggest shock of the night.

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After their performance handsome fellas told judges that their fathers didn’t know they were gay and in a relationship – until NOW! They explained that although their dads knew they were dance partners, they were unaware that thy were romantically involved and that only their mum’s were in on their secret! Awww!

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While we were moved by the heartwarming confession, we also couldn’t help notice that one of the Italia’s Got Talent judges is fit as fusilli!

Meet Frank Matono, an actor and presenter.

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Please Simon Cowell, can we swap David Walliams for Frank!