GuysLikeU chats to supercute Kyle McIntire, the flexible star of the Money Supermarket ads who opens up about the tough times in his life, how he mastered his nifty moves and waiting for Mr Right!

No matter how hard you try, you just can’t get away from the current Epic Dance Off Money Supermarket  TV commercial right now. You know, the one in which business man ‘Dave’ (with the bubble butt and whore heels) tries to out strut construction worker ‘Colin’ to the strains of Worth It by Fifth Harmony. But we don’t care, because we are totally loving it!

Not only are we tickled by the fellas’ sassy moves, we’ve fallen hook, line and sinker in love with curvy Colin! For real. Just look at him. Handsome, beardy and as agile as an eel! Whatta mover, eh? Whatta man!

And it turns out that we’re not the only ones who’ve fallen for his ample charms. Thousands of other guys and gals are just as smitten too by his cheeky chops, marvellous moves and pretty puss! 

So GuysLikeU tracked the dashing devil down to his home in New York to give you a WORLD EXCLUSIVE insight into the man beneath the overalls! So please let us introduce you to the very lovely 26-year old actor, Kyle McIntire, from Cincinnati, Ohio, who tells us how he mastered those nifty moves, what he looks for in Mr Right (yes, boys, he’s a gay!) and how he dealt with fat-shaming bullies!


Wow, Kyle, you certainly can move, mister! 

Why thank you! My mother had me in dance classes at a very young age. But I never really realised my full potential until I studied ballet at college. They told us to fall into the splits, and the rest was history!

Since that first advert you appeared in dancing to Liberty X’s Just A Little, you’ve become something of a sex symbol over here. 

You know what, it feels amazing to inspire others. I get messages all the time about how sexy people think I am, or how they want to marry me, or shake their butts with me, and congratulate me on how I’m representing the bigger boys.

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 19.28.14

Haha! And you so are! Have you always been this popular with guys and gals?

I am an open, understanding human so everyone gets a chance in my book. It’s poor human behavior that turns me off, so as long as you know how to treat others well, I’m down with that.

You’re a handsome full figured guy, but we live in a world that is ridiculously body obsessed. Have you ever been advised to lose weight for work or have you ever tried dieting?

I’ve dealt with weight issues my whole life. I tried diets, work outs, but I never once thought ‘I’d love to be skinny’. Health is important, but we all come in different shapes and sizes. Thankfully, the industry has a place for me, and it’s just about owning what you have.

What makes you feel sexy?

Energy, tight fitting clothes, and serving lots of face.

When you’re out and about are you confident about approaching guys?

I will talk to anyone who wants to make a connection with me. But I will say, I’m pretty picky when it comes to the men that I want – but I’m not shy.

Are guys all over you when your out on the town?

I’ve been told that people are intimidated by me. I’ve had multiple people voice that concern to me, but I promise. I don’t bite! Not that hard, anyway. Ha!


The gay scene can be such a judgemental one obsessed with the body beautiful – have you found that?

Absolutely. Everyone is obsessed with the latest fashion, perfect abs and money, but people are just hiding behind it all. It takes real confidence to abandon those ideas, and just be yourself. Now don’t get me wrong, I love people who look good in their clothes, but those who put down others who don’t have those things…. BYE!

Amen! Looking back a bit, was coming out an easy process for you? 

Is it ever easy for anyone? I grew up with four brothers, so that feeling of judgement was always there. Thankfully, I found my way, and my family loves me for who I am. My advice to other guys is… Fill your life with good people, embrace life lessons to grow, have adventures, and I think you will find you have a full life. Get out there, and go BIG!

Was school a tough time for you? Were you popular?

I was a wrestler and a theatre geek. My family always had a presence at school functions, plus I had a lot of confidence, so school was always a pretty fun time for me.

Were you ever bullied?

I have been called fat a few times, but I would body slam anyone who thought they could come for me. I made an example of one guy, and no one ever messed with me again.

When did you realise that you were a good looking guy?

Haha! I’m not sure if I ever realised I was attractive, but I absolutely do feel good looking when people tell me that they think I am. At the end of the day, you are stuck with what you have, unless you pay to surgically change it, so, hell, why not enjoy it?

Do you have a lot of confidence or did you gradually gain that amazing confidence you have?

I survived cancer as a child so my confidence comes from living each day to the fullest. No one is perfect, but you can have a fulfilled life if you work hard, dream big, and not listen to those who don’t believe in you.

Oh gosh, what kind of cancer was it?

Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. I was diagnosed in 1994, and was cancer free by 1997

Was the treatment gruelling?
I was so young, with lots of energy so it was hard to bring down my spirit.

Well that says a lot about you.

All the major surgeries were never good (I had 11 total). Spinal taps were the worst, but I didn’t even flinch riding down the hallway of the hospital on a tricycle holding my IV pole behind me.

Do you still have to be cautious now!

I get checked once a year to make sure I’m doing okay, and my outlook on life is a quote from Rupaul ‘The time has come for you to lip sync for you life, this is your last chance to impress me. Good luck, and don’t F*ck it up’.

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 15.38.47

What a great way of thinking. Have you found your Mr Right yet?

I keep myself very busy so I definitely haven’t been in the dating scene as much as I could. I know one day I will meet him, and he will change my life.

And who exactly is that Mr Right?

Someone who is charming and funny with nice eyes. Someone with a goofy laugh, who is loyal, and most importantly honest.

Have you been in love or been heartbroken?

Truly I haven’t. I’ve seen two people in my lifetime, but neither were serious enough to break my heart.

That’s good to hear! With guys so busy on apps these days, do you think romance is dead?

I think apps are a great way to hold conversations with people. But I think there has to be a moment where you take things away from the app and put a face, and energy to all the words from a keyboard. Meeting someone at a bar, getting set up are all great things, but I have no issue with the apps bringing people together.

Is marriage the end game for you?

You know, one day I’d love to get married and I’d love to have my own child

What kind of boyfriend are you?

Right now? A single one, lol!

Who’s your celeb crush?
Liam Hemsworth, Justin Bieber, Jake Gyllenhaal!

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What kind of things do you like doing when your not working?

I love TV, movies, musicals, going to parks, going for dinner, partying, and traveling. I’m obsessed with music so it’s on as much as possible, causing me to shake what my mamma gave me. I love RuPaul’s Drag Race, Dance Moms, The Comeback… I have them all on repeat! This season of Drag Race I’m rooting for Bob the Drag Queen (above), but Alyssa Edwards is my all time favorite Queen. Backrolls?

You’ve seen Wicked 24 times right? What do you love about musicals?

I love that they are stories told with words written by people with life experience and passion. As cliche as it sounds, nothing is more exciting then someone having something to say… And having them express it in song to get their point across. It takes a brave person to get up and sing for thousands of people, or for five people even. Takes guts.

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 15.38.07

What were you doing before the commercial? 

I am a trained musical theatre Actor, and am currently touring with a musical called Seussical where I play Horton the Elephant

So is musical theatre the dream then?

I would love to be on Broadway, I’d love to be on TV, and I’d love to be in movies. I hope that someday someone creates a male Tracy Turblad role for me so I can dance for my life on stage every night of the week.

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