He’s hot, he’s gay and he and his manly greenfingers can turn your garden into a rainbow coloured wonderland. Say hello to TV’s sexiest gardener Michael Perry.

When thirsty gays and gals clapped their parched peepers on the dark and broodingly handsome TV gardener Michael Perry on This Morning recently, Twitter went into meltdown.

Why? Because here was a man – and a mindbogglingly handsome one – who loved his plants, loved his flowers and didn’t look like someone’s rather dodgy uncle. In one split second, he transformed the world of horticulture into the sexiest past time we’d ever seen!

And we at GuysLikeU were among the first to acknowledge him and say a cheeky ‘thank you’ to the This Morning team for introducing us to this delish dish!

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No sooner had the horticultural hottie replied with an oh-so-modest ‘geee-thanks’ and we were all over him like a sex rash, desperately trying to find out all we could about him.

Here, gorgeous Michael tells GuysLikeU how he feels about being the world’s sexy TV garden expert (soz, Alan Titchmarsh!) and whether or not he’s got a boyf!


Hi Michael. Lovely to meet you. You’ve caused something of a stir recently. You must be chuffed that have you’ve inspired those of us not that interested in plants to get involved?

I like to think I have inspired people to try a different range of exciting plants in their gardens and on their patios. Plants such as the TomTato have really tapped into the minds of a younger audience, who love the novelty of being able to harvest tomatoes and potatoes from one plant! Yes, it may be a gimmick, but gardening shouldn’t be all serious!

Being the foxy so-and-so you are, appearing on shows like This Morning must mean you get swamped with saucy messages from viewers!

I have had some over the years, I can tell you. It’s funny, the internet gives people a different type of confidence it seems! I always try to reply though… and politely decline!

You’re a handsome guy, but were you ever insecure about the way you looked?

Oh god yes! I was a true ugly duckling until just a few years ago. Looking back on photos of when I was 18, I was gangly and a true geek, not the trendy type I’m now classed as! I’m not quite sure what changed to be honest with you!

Are you more conscious about the way you look now you’re in the public eye?

I have definitely become more so. If I have become this ‘sexy gardener’ then I need to play up to that stereotype and keep people interested I guess! Ha! I am older now too, so keep a watch on the wrinkles!!

Have you made an effort to work out more?

I am a big crossfit fan and enjoy lifting, but sadly my travel schedule can make it quite difficult. But I try to eat well too, but most of the time with all my travelling around, I am buying most of my meals from BP garages!

So what would say was your favourite body part these days?

It’s hard to say.

Well, we can point out one or two that tickle our fancies.

Ha! To be honest, I always wish I had a slightly different chest hair formation, but hey ho! My legs are pretty big, even without regular squatting!

Which part needs some more work?

I have never liked my nose, even though I get compliments on it. It is deliciously Roman!

Deliciously Roman, indeed. We think it looks great! What body part do you think other men like in you?

Could be the chest!

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 22.13.19

Refreshingly, we notice you don’t wax your chest – how liberating. Have you ever tried?

Once or twice, I think. I have no idea why I did, as it made me look decidedly pigeon!

Do you believe in manscaping?

I am actually too lazy to do it, so the answer’s no!


Your beard and hair are pretty sharp, you must get so much attention from beard-loving fellas!

I guess so… Actually, I have been asked to be an ambassador for a beard oil company, so it can’t be bad! I like to think my Greek genes help it to look nicely dark and shiny too.

What grooming product can you not live without?

I tend to use hair moisturiser a lot on my hair and beard. I actually use it in lieu of any hair product most days, and gives me a slightly shiny, textured look throughout the day!

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We were surprised, but super excited, when we found out you were a gay! (Yay!) When did you come out? 

It was way back when I was 21. To be honest my coming out experience it was relatively smooth I guess.. certainly not as traumatic as some cases I hear. I was a little bit cheeky and only really came out once or twice, and asked those people to tell other people. That method works quite well, but I guess these days a Facebook update would do the same job! Ha!

Was school a good time for you?

I was a misfit of sorts, and working on the school garden didn’t help my cool factor! I can’t remember much of it now, but I was certainly glad when it was over.

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Are you a single guy?

I’m not actually. I have a boyfriend..


And we have been seeing each other since last November.

Aw, we’re so happy for you! Really! Have you experienced any homophobia along the way?

Actually, no. Although I am not overly gregarious. I’m just me, and that seems to work for most people!

Jobwise, how did you get started and transform into a supersexy green fingered TV?

I have been working with plants and marketing since I was 18! I was very shy back then, and when I started with TV I wasn’t confident at all. I have grown with it though, and it doesn’t bother me at all now, I really quite enjoy it!

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 22.11.22

Did success come swiftly?

Am I success now, not sure?? I guess an article on the OK! website about me is an achievement!

Well, being on GuysLikeU ain’t bad either.

I still have many things to achieve, but I’ve been very happy with the journey so far.

You must work with some interesting people.

I work with a lot of plants people, different nationalities and cultures. I could sometimes talk to hundreds of different people in just one week!

What did you before this job?

I have been working with plants since I was 18, in different guises. I’ve worked in a plant nursery and also doing some plant breeding at our development station.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 22.14.18

What did you study at school?

I was fairly good at Art, as I am quite creative. I also did well in Geography, which explains my wanderlust. After school I went to horticultural college, where it was all plants, plants, plants!

Was there support at school for your career path?

Not at all,  the careers ‘computer’ said I should have been a florist!

What’s the hardest thing about your job?

Nothing! I really really enjoy it. Sometimes getting an idea into action can be tough, as we rely on live product material, which doesn’t always behave the way we want it to. They say you shouldn’t work with children or animals, but plants can be fairly awkward too!

Ha! What makes it so fulfilling?

I love plants, I am a true plant geek, and my career quenches this thirst!!

Aw, bless you! So what advice would you give to others if they want to follow in your footsteps?

Just have fun with gardening and plants, you don’t have to worry about doing it the right way or whether it’ll be a success or not. Push the boundaries, decorate with plants in the same way that you would ornaments in your home!

To find out more about Michael and his wonderful world of plants, head to www.mrplantgeek.com