Say hello to Sannie, mystery pop songstress extraordinaire. The name may not be familiar, but you’ve probably already heard the sassy dance mix of her track How Long out and about somewhere.

If you haven’t, never fear, you will do soon as the pop stomper is headed chartbound. And when you do, you might just recognise the tone of this madam’s voice. Why? Because it belongs to a dance diva we all knew and loved (or loathed) way back in the 90s. Go on, have a listen and try to work it out. We won’t say who it is, just yet, but we’ll drop clues throughout the interview to help you along the way. Good luck folks! 

So you’re back now under your real name Sannie – are you really keen to shake off any memory of your Euro past?

Not really. After I had all the hits, I was writing with production teams for other people for several years such Benny Benassi. Eventually I got fed up writing and producing any music as it was a bit like the factory. And so I wanted to get back to performing and have been working with lots of people.

And have songs come easily?

Well, I dream in hooks. I dream up hooks in my sleep and like putting to hooks, I would love into writing jingles for adverts

Of course time has moved on so much since the first time you graced the charts that you can attract fans who would never have known about your original pop past. That must be exciting to woo fresh ears on a Saturday Night out?

It’s really good fun. But I know some people would remember me from before but it’s good to know that there are fresh ears out there who will just listen to the song and not even know about my past. What I love about what’s happening now is that there are no rules. If I wanted to do punk tomorrow I can do. The world is my oyster. No one’s telling me what to sing or wear or anything.

Well, that’s great.

Well you have to be happy whatever you do in your life. If you stop daydreaming then there’s no point in life. If you don’t believe in yourself then who else who is going to believe in you?

SannieAmen! Looking back, do you have any regrets about your previous incarnation?

Just some the outfits. I wore some terrible things back then and I apologise. But it was the fashion of the time. It was awful. I remember I was on Top Of The Pops one time with Jo Brand and I was wearing a black top with lycra pants and my belly button piercing was on show. There were so many complaints about that! These days, you see people like Miley Cyrus and letting everything hang out.

Times have definitely changed.

Haven’t they? The music industry is so different these days. In the old days they would throw money at you, these days there is no money. Music doesn’t sell as much any more because people download it illegally, so you have rely on writing and performing to make the money.

So taking us back to the heady days of the 90s, was it party central when you were on the Smash Hits Poll Winner’s parties or the roadshows?

It was a massive party time back then, and so much fun! All the artists would hang out and we’d be going for it for entire weekends and never go to sleep – I won’t say how! But then after a while, you end up growing up. And the guys that did get over the party scene really pulled themselves together and stuck with the music. And they’re the ones who I still see on the 90s festival like Snap and 2 unlimited. The ones who changed their lifestyles.

Was it an easy scene to fall into?

Before I was in the music industry I was down to earth and healthy but you can be sucked in to it – you get hooked to the parties. I had a good time! It was crazy crazy – and we were lucky there was no YouTube back then! Ha!

Oh God, yeah, you’d have all been caught out. It’s great that you could have your privacy?

I have never sold personal life to magazines like Hello. Other people did tho. It just wasn’t for me.

You were so successful in the 90s did you ever have a breakdown?

When you don’t have sleep it overwhelms you and it effects your mental health. I was on my own, so had no one to share the experience with. I was being booked up for gigs for up six months ahead –it was relentless. And I was travelling all over the world. I was promoting I never go time to rest, so I would just stay in my hotel room for as long as I could.

imageDid you ever hook up with any of the stars on the tour?

I didn’t though did have a relationship with a DJ. But it didn’t end well.

Have you been offered a reality show like CBB or Jungle or The Jump? We’d love to see you on one?

I get asked every single year. Would I break my legs for TV, I don’t think so. And I said I’m not finished. That said I would still love to do a show like Ready Steady Cook or that Keith Lemon show. That’d be amazing. I’ve seen some of this series of Celebrity Big Brother and what they put the people through is just so cruel. They are put through the worst ordeal just for the audience’s pleasure.

Do you think young people are more obsessed with fame than they were before.

Yes, I think so. I saw a girl on the tube recently and she was saying to her mum that she wanted to be famous. We live in a world where there is so much information to take in on the internet. These days you don’t need to be in the same room as other people to make music. It’s done over the net. We have Facebook, where we don’t have to actually to speak to people. But things change, and I kind of sound like what out parents used to say when they were our age. Time just moves on.

So have you guessed who it is yet?

Final clues… She’s Danish, she had a massive No. 1 in 1994 and her song had a kooky dance routine that you probably have danced.

Sannie_HOW_LONG_1400px copyHow Long is out in February. The Grant Nelson mixes are available on iTunes now!

Listen to a clip here: