Great news folks. Fans of Eurovision will be giddy with glee to discover that Mans Zelmerlow’s brilliantly tongue-in-cheek interval song Love, Love, Peace, Peace is set for release.

Edward af Sillen, the song’s co-writer and the director of the spectacular Eurovision final, posted on Instagram: ‘OK! “Love Love Peace Peace” WILL BE released as a single. We have been working with this, to make it happen with SVT, and any day now it will be released. Thanks for your patience. ‘

The song, featuring former Eurovision winner and presenter Mans Zelmerlow and co-presenters and comedienne Petra Mede, was part of the sensational final gently poking fun at the contest and hilariously suggesting ways of writing a perfect Eurovision song. No sooner had it been performed and fans were begging for its release.

Now, that’s been sorted, we have to try to get that Gallic version of I Should Be So Lucky from the UEFA advert released!