Star of MTV’s Just Tattoo Of Us on being mates with Nathan Henry from Geordie Shore, being bashed in the street and how his dad reacted to him being gay!C9rXDf3WsAAfYuO

If you’re a fan of MTV’s ridiculous show Just Tattoo of Us you may remember this rather colourful character from a recent show.

His name is Liam Newnham, a 25 year old single guy from Darlington who works in finance. He and his Geordie Shore mate Nathan Henry appeared on the show but saw their friendship severely tested when Liam’s tattoo – co-designed by Nathan – was finally unveiled.

Expecting to see a beautifully intricate design neatly etched onto his thigh, Liam was instead horrified to see an image of him shaving his head like Breakdown Britney, with the words ‘It’s Liam Bitch’ scrawled underneath.

Despite being a self-confessed Britney superfan, Liam didn’t see the funny side and told his best mate that he didn’t want to speak to him for a while.

Speaking exclusively to GuysLikeU, Liam reveals what happened next, why he gets jealous of straight people and looks back at a brutal attack that left him unconscious.


Just Tattoo Of Us was a hoot but you didn’t seem very happy with the tattoo Nathan had designed for you. Did you both really fall out? 

Yes, we did. We genuinely fell out after the show – I didn’t like wha he had done to me.. Although people might think the show is purely for entertainment it was actually  like therapy for our friendship. We both had to properly talk to each other. I finally told him that I was jealous that he was spending more time with his boyfriend than me. And he told me that for a while he thought I was going to have a breakdown because I had gone down a bit of a bad path with alcohol. Luckily, a lot has changed since then for the better!

What made you start boozing?

I just let myself go crazy for a year or two and it wasn’t until I got into debt having a party lifestyle that I got my wake up call and I then decided to get my life back on track.

How do you both know each other?

We both met on the first day of school when we were five and we’ve been best friends ever since. We’ve only ever had one major fall out and that was when he split with his first serious boyfriend and I started texting his ex straight after – even now I don’t know what I was thinking!

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Have you ever fancied Nathan?

No, I’ve never had a crush on him ever and we walk around naked in front of each other all the time. You know, gay guys really can just be friends. That said, we’ve had threesomes in the past, but we always have a rule – we both don’t touch each other.

Have you had any date offers since the show?

Bizarrely after getting that horrific tattoo, yes I actually have. I got a fair few DM’s and inboxes which was flattering. I’m not going lie, I’ve also had a few guys recognise me on Grindr haha!

Take us back.. When did you realise you were gay?

I knew when I was about 11 year old, as soon as I secondary school and everyone began getting girlfriends.

How long did you keep it to yourself?

I came out when I was 17 although I had years of people questioning my sexuality. My mam is literally me with a vagina and is my best friend so she loved the fact she had a gay son!


What was your first gay experience? 

All my friends lost their virginities young, but I was actually 18. The town I live in has a gay night on a Monday called MonGay and I lost my virginity on my first ever MonGay in the nightclub toilets! Talk about classy!

Did you have girlfriends?

I had two girlfriends throughout secondary school, I can easily say now it was all for a cover-up. To be honest, I was more interested in what fake tan they were using than them.

Was being gay something you were worried about?

It’s awful to say, because you should be proud of who you are and your sexuality, but even now if I had a magic wand I would turn myself straight. I’d love the whole getting with a woman and having a perfect little family – but you are who you are.

So do you not like being gay?

I love being gay, I just get jealous when I see these perfect families and I wish that could be more.

But you could, it’s 2017!

The town I live in is very small and still quite behind with the times, it would be a talking point if you seen a gay couple with children!

My just walked in to the room and gave me a kiss on the head and that’s all I needed for his acceptance

Who was the person you were most worried to tell?

Me dad, he’s the most manly guy you could come across. He’s a bricklayer and has hands like shovels and loves a good drink. When my mam told him he just walked in to the room and gave me a kiss on the head and that’s all I needed for his acceptance.


Did any one reject you – did they say anything or did they just slowly disappear?

Massively! During school I was actually in a very chavvy crowd, standing on street corners drinking White Lightning in our Nike Air Maxs. As soon as I came out I drifted apart from that crowd because it was so straight. But now I love how when I bump into them on a night out they’ll always buy me a drink and give me a kiss.

Was school a tough place for you to be gay?

Everyone always knew I was gay but I was always taken under the wing of the popular guys.

Did you throw yourself into the scene?

Oh my god massively! Me and my two bestest friends are gay so at any given opportunity we were out getting amongst it. Now I Hate, hate, hate it. For what should be a night where you can be yourself and not be judged, I find it very intimidating and uncomfortable. People will stab you in the back at any given opportunity and coming from a small town, if you do get talking to a guy chances are he’s had history with someone you already have!

Do you think you can meet the one on the gay scene?

Of course, not all guys on the scene are the same and just looking for a one night stand – they’re just extremely rare to find!


Have you ever fallen for someone and they’ve not been into you?

During college I used to hook up with a guy from Newcastle and I was besotted by him, he ticked every box. We’d always go hotels as we were still living with parents and everything was going real good. Then one night I bumped into him on a night out with his twin sister and he completely pied me and didn’t even acknowledge the fact he knew who I was! I never got an explanation from as to why – I guess I just wasn’t up to his standard!

Have you had any homophobic experiences?

Luckily nothing drastic. I get a lot of keyboard warriors tweet me homophobic tweets but they’ve usually got a picture of their football club as their avi which goes to show how butt fucking ugly they are so I just take it with a pinch of salt.


You were recently attacked while on holiday – tell us what happened. 

Me and seven other friends hired a villa in Fuerteventura for four days. We were having the best time ever and on the last night of the holiday we celebrated Nathan’s birthday, which turned out to be a big night that got very very messy! We were pretty drunk as we left the first club when a group of Russian guys stopped us and began shouting insults at us. Being drunk, we reacted the English way and stuck two fingers up at them, which resulted in one of the girls getting punched. We then headed back to the villa. Me and my mate were a little ahead of the rest of the group when all of a sudden eh Russian guys bolted out of a side street and started punching me to the ground. The next thing I know I had five guys kicking my head like a football and that was it. The next thing I know i was waking up in a Spanish hospital.


Do you think it was a homophobic attack? 

It’s hard to say as we were a group of gay guys and straight girls but they had no reason to begin with shouting insults at us as we did nothing wrong. But I think us being gay didn’t help. We were all partying, wearing OTT outfits. They went out their way to follow us to attack me so they obviously didn’t like what they saw.

What injuries did you sustain?

I tore all my lip open, lost 2 teeth and had to have plastic surgery on my chin as I didn’t get the open wound on my chin stitched up until I arrived back in England which resulted in me getting blood poisoning and having to be admitted to hospital for three nights.

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 22.01.01

As a gay guy do you feel you have to change your behaviour around straight guys? 

Never! Working in a bar I get a lot of straight guy customers especially when sport is on and there’s usually a mutual respect. If you don’t rub it in their face, they won’t give you any hassle!

How do you normally meet guys – apps or thru friends?

Usually on nights out just from seeing their face around. Of course, I have the odd drunk moment when I download Grindr. Who doesn’t?

I couldn’t even console him because he was, looked fuck all like he did on his instagram.

Any dating disasters?

I have a fear of dates, they scare the shit out of me, so I usually just say I’ll meet them for a drink whilst I’m out with friends. But I once met a guy during a night out for a drink who cried the whole night about how ugly he was. I couldn’t even console him because he was, looked fuck all like he did on his instagram.

Have you always been wary about safe sex?

When I was 18 I had a little scare with symptoms but thankfully it wasn’t HIV and got treated. I now always have protected sex and ensure I get regularly checked.


Were you ever insecure about your looks.
I’m always insecure about my looks, being best friends with 2 gay guys – 1 is from Geordie Shore and the other is a model I literally feel like the piggy in the middle!

Do you take a lot of time to work out?

Although im naturally curvy I do exercise regularly and go for morning jogs to stay healthy. But I couldn’t think of anything worse than going to the gym every day and living off chicken and broccoli.

Are you conscious about the way you look?

I hate my receding hairline. It actually makes me depressed losing my hair so early, but luckily I have a consultation next month to undergo a hair transplant.

I get told I’ve got a nice bum when I get with guys, but that’s probably cos theres a lotta junk in this trunk!

Were you always confident about your body?

I was, when I was younger but as I get older I’m slowly turning into a ‘turning-the-lights-off’ kinda guy.

What body part do you like most?

My lips get a lot of attention because they are naturally plump. I can’t stand my thighs. That’s where my stubborn fat lies, so no matter how hard I work out that’s the last place weight comes off.

What body part do you think other men like in you?

I get told I’ve got a nice bum when I get with guys, but that’s probably cos theres a lotta junk in this trunk!

What do you find attractive in a man’s body

Legs… Give me a guy with rugby player legs any day.

Do you believe in types?

No, because my types change constantly. I’m currently going through a sugar daddy stage!


Have you ever worried about the size of your manhood

Always.. I get massive stage fright when it comes to pissing at urinals because im a grower not a shower but luckily its girthy and a pretty dick!

Just Tattoo of Us The Aftermath airs on May 29th