Oooh, tonight’s the night we find out if our gorgeous boys Joe & Jake can buck the trend and finally make the top five of this year’s Eurovision. It’s been too long since our little old country  enjoyed the success we were once used to and we reckon it’s about time that we did again.

And we’re confident that this year’s tune – You’re Not Alone. Uo beat, with a 90s breakbeat vibe, this tune is sensationally catchy and the fellas look like they are having the best time performing it.

Before they flew out to Stockholm, we grabbed the boys at the London Eurovision Party to talk about all manner of things: which guys they’d snog, who’s most popular with the gays and what saucy advice the Israeli’s gave them to win.


Check out the video interview here – apologies for the sound difficulties, but you can hear enough.

Hear their corking tune (penned by Siva from The Wanted) here