Grab a tissue boys, because two of America’s sexiest and most talented gay singers Eli Lieb and Steve Grand have teamed up for one of the most gorgeous songs you will hear all year.

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Look Away is a sweeping ballad that will remind you of gorgeous tearjerkers Say Something and I Won’t Give Up and is absolutely gorgeous!

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But whole the stunning black and white video clip is a treat to watch, Eli explained that shooting it was pretty hard on him because he was going through a tough time in his personal life. ‘We filmed this the day after my boyfriend and I broke up, and the footage is so real and raw, that I struggled if I even felt comfortable putting it out. I wasn’t sure I wanted everyone to see the pain I was in. But then I realised that this pain came from love and is a part of life most people experience at some point – we’ve all been there. I hope it helps remind people that pain and love are so closely related to not forget how powerful love is.’

Luckily, Steve was on hand to keep him smiling on the day. ‘I was really happy to have Steve’s kind and fun energy on set that day,’ Eli said. ‘He obviously knew that I was upset, so it was nice to get hugs from a goofball.’

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Steve says that he had a blast working with Eli, even though they are both very different artists. ‘Eli is a real pro. It was a true pleasure working with someone who knows what they want creatively. Eli kept the process streamlined. Though we are in a similar line of work, our personalities are very different, which I think we really got to see throughout the day we shot the video. I’m an irreverent goofball and Eli is a more serious guy just really focused on his craft. I think it makes for an interesting collaboration.’

Check out the amazing song here.