Five of the gayest telly shows you must watch NOW!

Once upon a time, watching telly used to be a right faff! Long before many of you were even a thought in your parents’ minds, there was no catch up service, no binge watching, just shows that went out at a certain time week in, week out.

These days, of course, we can watch what we like, when we like. Netflix and Amazon Prime have made us Kings and Queens of the box in our own living room, enabling us to create our very own schedules. And thankfully, with so many series and movies on offer, we are simply spoilt for choice. However, with so much to choose from, it is easy to sometimes overlook some delicious hidden gems.

So here GuysLikeU big up five of the best and gayest telly shows on streaming services that you MUST WATCH now!!!!!!!


Even before it aired, this comedy drama was given a right old tongue lashing by dumb critics, who based their snipey “fat-shaming” reviews on viewing just the trailer. Er, folks, that’s not a review! If they’d actually bothered to watch  the entire series they’d have actually discovered that Insatiable is a sharply written and refreshingly insane romp about a chubby girl called Patty (Debby Ryan) who loses weight after having her jaw broken by a homeless man and attempts to get her own back on those who mocked her when she was heavy.


But that’s just one brain-teasing plot line that stretches out over its thirteen episode run. There’s a whole smorgasbord of madness, including the hilarious ongoing feud between uber camp beauty pageant coach Bob Armstrong and suave business man Bob Barnard, Nonnie’s battle with her sexuality and Patty’s mum’s struggle to be a good parent.

What’s refreshing is that the show doesn’t play it safe. Some of the jokes are pretty near the knuckle and boundaries are most definitely pushed when later in the series – SPOILER – the Bobs and Armstrong’s wife Coralee work out a bizarrely open-minded arrangement to, er, accommodate their usual relationship!


In spite of all the criticism hurled at the hilarious show, Netflix have defied those who have called for it to be axed and granted the show a second series!


Tasty totty: Dallas Roberts who plays Bob Armstrong is a hot daddy, while Christopher Gorham who plays Bob Bernard is a smokin’ older fella. But those who like a younger guy will fall for the tightly pecc’d Michael Provost, who plays Brick.

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If you’re a fan of trashy reality shows like Big Brother, Too Hot To Handle and Love Island then you will love this wickedly dark tongue-in-cheek drama set behind the scenes of a Bachelor-style dating show.

Each of the four series offers us a candid insight into the mad world of reality TV shows, in which producers will stop at nothing to make the contestants of Everlasting do what they want.

unreal-tv-review-lifetimeStand out character is hard-faced, sleek-haired show runner Quinn King, played but the brilliant Constance Zimmer, who fires out sassy one-liners with military precision as she micro manages and deviously manipulates everyone around her to create ratings bashing drama.

Rachel Goldberg (Shiri Appleby) is Quinn’s right hand woman, who is supposed to the moral compass of the series. But even though she tries hard to do the right thing, she can’t  help but follow Quinn’s orders and play the contestants like puppets. Nevertheless, she ultimately understands that what she and Quinn are getting up to on the show is thoroughly damaging and destructive, leading occasionally to the deaths of some of the contestants. By series four, however, it looks like Rachel has totally lost the plot and has become more devious than ever.


Jam-packed with drama, sex and brilliant sass, this is one of the most exciting shows on the box and bounces along at a rapid pace until its season four finale. Sadly this fourth series is the last so enjoy it while you can.


Tasty totty: Series one boasted Freddie Stroma as their bachelor who managed to be shirtless for the majority fo the series, while series three and four featured an array of spunk, including Aussie actor Adam Demos. Series regulars Josh Kelly and Jeffrey Bower-Chapman can also be described as expert pant twitchers.

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The older folks among you will of course remember the original 80s glamfest that starred Dame Joan Collins as scheming bejewelled ice queen Alexis Colby. But as is the way of the telly business these days, the series has been rebooted with a whole host of mad storylines and a brand new cast, which controversially sees Heather Locklear’s legendary Sammy Jo recast as a latino gay guy played by the delicious Rafael de la Fuente.


The first series, which aired earlier this year, is a hoot, packed full of bitchy spats, catty fights and lots of bed hopping, fleshflashing and scheming.

Stand out characters are Blake Carrington’s spoilt, temperamental and ambitious daughter Fallon, played by the scintillating Elizabeth Gillies, who comes to blows with the elegant Crystal (Nathalie Kelley) and her own mother Alexis (Nicolette Sheridan) who she smacks around in the pool during a ferocious catfight.

The series ended on a sensational cliffhanger that saw Crystal shot by crazed love rival Claudia and several other characters trapped in a burning building. Who survives? Well we have to wait to find out in October when the second season drops on Netflix. Though – SPOLIER ALERT – Nathalie Kelly has already revealed that she is not returning (boo!). So does this mean Crystal will die? Or will she come back in that great soap tradition with a brand new face?

Tasty Totty: Well, lots. Rafael is ridiculously handsome as Sammy Jo, Adam Huber, who plays Fallon’s love interest Liam is a rather fine specimen. Robert Christopher Riley sets hearts racing as chauffeur Culhane while Brett Antonello dazzles when shirtless as he who plays Adam.

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The Royals


Before Dynasty was rebooted, this lunatic E! channel drama provided viewers with much needed escapism, a veritable oasis in the landscape of very po-faced telly dramas. Set in the lavish and dysfunctional court of the British royal family, Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) and her children are caught up in a series of sensational and over the top storylines that includes the mysterious murder of her husband King Simon.

royals-e-season-4-ratings-cancel-renew-season-5With its opulence and razor sharp writing, the show is a luxurious and campy guilty pleasure, with brilliantly crafted characters, most notably Princess Eleanor, played by the gorgeous Alexandra Park and the scheming bisexual Prince Cyrus (Jake Maskell) who is just wicked.


Tasty Totty: Too many to choose from – William Moseley as Prince Liam is a hot stud to die for, as is Tom Austen who plays saucepot bodyguard Jaspar. But keep an eye out for former singer Jules Knight who plays Spencer in season three!

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The House Of Flowers

Mexican telenovelas are renowned for their insane family dramas. This one is a glossier than usual romp that focuses on the life and loves of a dysfunctional family who run a flower shop.

The series opens with the suicide of the father of the family’s mistress, which opens a can of worms and wreaks havoc throughout the de la Mora family. From that moment on, viewers are taken on a campy rollercoaster ride of plot twists, scheming, bed hopping and arguments.


If you’re put off by the fact it is dubbed in to English, don’t be – give the show a spin and expect to see naughty liaisons, kinky love scenes, threesomes and lashings of bare flesh and delicious men.  Highlight of the series is sexy gay character Julien’s coming out scene, which is a heart-warming song and dance extravaganza, plus the series concluding  threesome that is as funny as it is outrageously titilating.

Casa de las Flores 2

Tasty Totty: Wow, what a smorgasbord of sensational spunks we have on offer here. Darío Yazbek Bernal, who plays bi-curious Julián de la Mora, is cute and sexy while his silver-haired love interest Diego (Juan Pablo Medina) and Irving Pena who plays chesty stripper Alfonso are also wonderful pant-teasers!