There’s been so much talk about out gay sportsman over the few years and as we know we’re seeing more and more lads and lasses happily coming out and providing us with much needed role models to look to for inspiration.

Now, while we are all familiar with the Simon Dunns and Tom Daleys of this world, how many of us are aware of gays in wrestling. Well there are quite a few of them actually who have come out recently, but the one who’s really made an impression on us is Aussie beefcake David Marshall. He’s the knee-weakeningly gorgeous wrestler-cum-fitness trainer who teases his fans with his OnlyFans content. But the saucy fella doesn’t get his rocks off to merely titilate thirsty gays like us. He is also raising much needed dosh for charities that are trying to prevent LGBTQ suicides.

Here, the big hearted fella man mountain opens up about the heartbreaking reason that spurred him on to raise mental health awareness, hits back at those who criticise his decisions and what his mum thinks about his on screen activity! 

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As a kid I grew up watching wrestling and superheroes, basically the same thing! But what came with this was a high expectation of body goals. He-man is a great guy but damn I still got work to do! When I first came out I had a mental image, a “stereotype” of how I had to look. It took me a year and a half to learn to love who I am, I know a lot of people like the way that I look and thank you! But when I have a very different idea of what’s attractive and when you look in the mirror that “type” isn’t you, it’s a hard lesson to learn to love yourself. “I’m not your type because I don’t have a body like you.” This is said to me almost daily and it’s not at all correct. You don’t know what someone else has been through so don’t stereotype someone on their body alone 💕 Thanks for reading have a donut 🍩

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First up, David, when did you realise you were gay?

You know what, I don’t think I have ever really identified myself with a sexual orientation. All through school I just found people attractive so was with both (boys in secret though). When I left school I was with a girl for seven years, she was amazing, I told her when I was 23 that I was bisexual and she made a point as long as I loved her she didn’t care. After another two years the feelings became a bit stronger and we parted ways so I could be myself. We are still close to this day.

How long did you keep the feelings to yourself?

Once I actually came out – and called off my engagement – I told my closest friends and mum the next day. I had planned to tell dad but wimped out and came back the next day. He thought I was joking at first and his words were “I always thought you were a guys guy… but not like that!” He was always one to joke.

So when was your first gay experience? 

My first experience was with a friend in school, just a random hook up. Strangely enough I wasn’t really worried about being bi or gay but I was somewhat worried about getting caught when I did see guys, but I can say I never felt ashamed about it.
At the same time you were interested in wrestling – was it purely the sport you were fascinated by or was it partly a coming of age moment in a young gay guy’s life? 

I still see it purely as sport, I know a lot of people make that connection but it’s something that has gotten me through a lot over the years and I don’t think will have an erotic side to it.

Did the boys at school treat you differently once you started training?

I was quite overweight through school and only got heavily into training when I was 18. I have to say the 10 year reunion was interesting. I grew up watching wrestlers and superheroes thinking THAT is what my body had to look like. In my year seven year book I said that I wanted to be a wrestler but I never thought I would be strong or lean enough – I’m my own worst critic, I think I always will be.

And now look at you – you’re an inspiration…

I have to say having people message to say you’re their inspiration is mind blowing to me, especially in the world of social media now where you can reach out to anyone. It’s crazy for me to know I’m able to help others to go through similar situations as me.

Did you throw yourself into the scene? 

Not really, I was quite private to begin with. I had a small group of friends who took me out. It was a small community everyone’s business feels like everyone’s business. I don’t mind the gay scene, but I don’t really party or anything. I’m still a really private person. When you keep out of trouble the negativity stays away, which I’m all about.

As a wrestler have you experienced any homophobia or was it a welcoming environment?

Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance are like family to me. It’s one of the most welcoming places I have ever been.

You recently spoke about the loss of your father – had your father shown signs that he wasn’t happy? 

He had some negative times with work, think stress and depression that he confused for a “harden up” attitude got to him. His father also took his life which is why it’s important to me to always stay positive.

How did you come to terms with the news – it must have been horrific for you…

When I got to the house my initial reaction was anger as I know how he felt about his dad doing it to him. When he was younger, his dad walked out to a field and shot himself and wasn’t found for days. The only time dad ever got really emotional with myself and my brother was when he would talk about how upset he was about what his dad did to the family which is why when he took his life as well it was so hard for us to comprehend. But my mum is and has always been my main concern. She’s the one who has lost the most out of all of us and I need to be there and strong for her when she needs me.

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Still my favourite shirt 🐶 #tbt

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You discovered that there are lots of young LGBTQ folks who suffer from mental health issues and take their lives. 

It’s a scary realisation, at the time of his passing, my partner, best friend, multiple clients all had mental health effecting them.

Have you yourself ever dealt with serious mental health issues yourself? 

Fortunately I haven’t, but this whole experience opened my eyes a lot as I didn’t understand it much and wasn’t something we were taught a lot about at school. It hurts knowing you can’t help some people as the trouble is within them.

You’re raising a lot of awareness to this – do you think men still find it hard to open up about mental health? 

I think these days men who are 35 and under have a better understanding of stuff like this. It’s not something the older generation have much exposure too.

You recently launched an Only Fans page – what made you decide to do it?

The ex had mentioned it, a few people we knew had got into it and at the time it didn’t really seem like my kind of thing. Then one morning a client of mine – who is now almost six years clean from drugs – was talking to me about giving back and it all just clicked for me. As my social media profile grew people were more and more were requesting pictures. As I was with my partner at the time I didn’t really reciprocate, so doing Only Fans gave those people a chance to see a bit more of me… and now they see all of me haha!

How naughty do you get on your site? Is there a line you you’d draw in what you will and will not do? 

It’s full X-rated, I will only ever do what I am comfortable with. There’s nudity on there and a few friends help me out too. I get lots of request but nothing  I’d call abnormal – just filming my feet, taking different angles, nothing too weird. I haven’t been asked to do anything by fans that I wouldn’t do. I still have my limits, mind, and would only do something I’m comfortable with.

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Sunday’s are for doggo 🐶💕

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You’re donating some of the money made by OnlyFans to a charity.

Yes, I am donating some of the proceeds to The Black Dog Institute, which is a depression and mental health research charity, I’m supporting them on behalf of my father. We have currently donated $10,430 to them. I have also put $2100 towards Ellen DeGeneres gorilla fund as I have always referred to myself as the gorilla of instagram, I’m too big to be a wolf not big enough to be a bear, plus gorillas are just big kind creatures.

You have a lot of young fans, do you consider yourself a good role model?

Some people may argue that what I do doesn’t make me a role model but I would argue the outcome from it. I am not hurting anyone, I am helping, motivating and inspiring people, that’s not my words that’s theirs. My goal is to help people that may not be in a position to help themselves. Look, we are all entitled to our own opinion, I make money from my OnlyFans that I don’t need. I don’t need the money and other people may need support from it. I would like to think if greed or image wasn’t such a big thing, anyone who is comfortable in life and haven’t given back at all would turn down that Ferrari and do something positive with the money.

Have you been approached to make a porn movie? If so, have you got a favourite porn star you’d like to star opposite?
Actually, I have had a few people on twitter make contact. My favourite porn star is @noahwhitexxx and I told him that! Ha!
Now an important question – are you single?
I have a partner at this point. I don’t really have a type anymore, when I came out I was purely into twinks! But as I came more and more into the community and exposed to more I kind of lost my type and was open to anyone.

Is it easy to keep a boyfriend when you do what you do?

Nah, it’s actually easier! My guy knows. I wouldn’t send nudes outside of it, so it keeps the relationship simple.

Are you a believer in monogamy – or is that too heteronormative?

I believe it depends on the relationship and what works for you. I believe if you choose to be monogamous and both parties are happy with that then it can work. If you choose to have a more polyamorous arrangement it can work too, both types require trust and honesty the same.

Do you think you’d like to be a dad some day? Would you stop doing what you do then?
I would like to be a dad, I don’t think I would stop, I don’t think it’s a negative thing, I’m creating so much more positivity in the world that outweighs the negativity.

How have people reacted to your OnlyFans page?

I have had mostly positive reviews, which is great. However, you do get the occasional person who asks to see more who then get outraged when you send them the link telling them that they need to pay for it. But it’s service at the end of the day, you don’t get a free T-shirt from Target because “I just want one”.

What has your mum said about the site? 
She is super supportive, since I was about 15 mum has been a best friend to me which has made my life easy and would support any decision I make. funnily enough the other day she sent me a picture of me as a young kid naked.

You’ve received a lot of media attention – what do you want to do next? What’s the plan?

Well, I am looking to start up my own charity. I want to give back in a more hands on way. I’m blessed to be given the opportunity I have been and I’m going to make sure it’s used for good.