Flirty Dancing’s Garry tells GuysLikeU what he really thought about his date Ryan

TV’s cutest dating show Flirty Dancing is back on the tele boxes and pulling at out heart strings. This week Ashley Banjo matched up 25 year old wig designer Ryan with 33 year old property manager Garry for a dancing date. And our hearts exploded. Here, we chat to Garry about the heart-warming date and find out what happened afterwards!

Garry, we loved your date with Ryan. What made you do the show in the first place?

I love to dance! It’s my passion! And I’d run out of ways to meet someone so this was the perfect way !

Aww, bless you. What was the date like? Did Ryan tick your box straightaway?

The date was fab!! I could tell Ryan was a great match and we had such a lovely time. It was weird for us to be intimate and yet not speak  but intimacy feels natural to me and Ryan made it so much easier!


What is it you normally look for in a guy?

I want someone who makes me laugh the minute I open my eyes! But I am also looking for a guy who makes me feel safe!

So how often have you seen each other since the show?

We met once after the second date, you see that at the end of the show, and we have kept in touch but haven’t met up again yet. Sadly I haven’t met anyone else, so if u know anyone send them my way lol

When did you realise you were gay?

I think I always knew I was ‘different’ from all the other boys but didn’t know why exactly, it was only when I was about 14/15 that I heard about being gay and thought that that may be the reason. For a while it was something I tried to ‘reject’ and thought if I didn’t act on it then it would go away, which obviously it wouldn’t.  I feel like a lot of gay guys my age went through this! I had only ever heard of being gay as a negative thing so I didn’t want it, and thought if I didn’t act on it then it would disappear!

That’s sad. Did you have any gay role models?

As sad as it sounds I didn’t have any gay role models growing up, there were none! Now there are so many and I love that for future generations!!

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When you were worrying about coming out, who was the person you were most worried to tell?

I guess like almost gay guys it was my dad, I even told my mum to keep it a secret and of course she didn’t!!! He was pretty fantastic ! He’s a guy’s guy who works in manual labour so is surrounded by ‘manly men’ so I always worried he would think I was less of a man, but now we have the best relationship we’ve ever had!

Do you meet a lot of guys on the gay scene? Is it a good place to meet people?

I do love the gay scene , it’s a place where you can go out And feel  safe, and meet friends, not necessarily future partners. I’ve had a few bad experiences along the way, but these experiences make u stronger! I’ve experienced homophobia, all gay men have, but I always rise above it!

You mentioned on the show you were small, has that bothered you? 

I didn’t always have body insecurities, it was when I moved to London that it suddenly took hold! Sometimes I feel great and then others not so much ! I surround myself with positive people and that helps!

If you missed Ryan and Garry’s date watch the episode on 4Od. Watch the series every Friday on Friday nights on Channel 4 at 8pm.