Times have really changed. Once upon a time to see a gay guy being proudly out and flouncing around the stage on a Saturday night TV show would have been a very rare sight indeed. But not anymore.

These days, anything goes. In fact, gay guys on mainstream TV are so ten-a-penny it’s almost boring. But then came a certain Mr Seann Miley Moore.

When the handsome 25-year old star strutted on stage at his first X Factor audition dressed in a PVC pencil skirt, see-through blouse and killer heels, you could almost hear the gasps of middle England as they tried to get their heads around this flamboyant chap who had suddenly exploded on to their TV screens. Will Young and Jaymi Hensley were one thing, but here was a masculine guy with muscles in all the right places, belting out a tune in a skirt and wearing a very sassy shade of lippy.

And yet, the public couldn’t help but fall in love with Seann and took him immediately to their hearts. Well, at least they did, until the week he got booted off the show, a week before he was eligible to go on the new year X Factor tour. Why he left, remains a mystery. His totally insane version of California Dreaming, dressed in a red kimono was classic X Factor and his voice? Well, it was, as always, faultless. And yet he was the one who ended up with the lowest votes. Where’s the justice? Well, for arguments sake we’ll just put it down to either moany Simon Cowell’s negative comments on the night putting people off or the fact Seann was placed in the middle of the show when people tend to doze off.

But anyway, that was then, and this is now and – hoorah – the X Factor bods have realized how catastrophic Seann’s early departure was and have sensibly added him to the upcoming X Factor tour! Phew!

Here, TV presenter and GuysLikeU columnist Charlie King caught up with the inevitable superstar to chat about life, love and lots more.


We’re so pleased you were added to the show. It would have been so boring without you. What will you bring to the show?

I’m going to bring positivity and energy to show, I’m so excited to be part of the tour and to seeing the X Factor fans.’


What have been your inspirations when it comes to performance?

‘I am inspired by musical Theatre, I really adore big performance type numbers. I started out back in Australia in musical theatre, so I love to really perform. But then there are times I also like to strip it back and just tinker on the piano and show my vocal ability. That’s important. I am a showman, but there’s more to me than just that! I love to dance and strutt. It’s all about a fierce walk.


You’ve done a lot of musical theatre?

I started in Sweet Charity, then I went into The King and I... That’s why I have my shaved head? Haha! But I kinda love it. My dream role would be to play Jean Val jean in Les Mis… I mean could you imagine me pulling that out the bag? I will one day, I’m sure of it. A strong masculine performance. Because I can do that!


You’re really rocking the cropped hair – are you planning on growing it back?

Hmm, maybe, but I totally dig this look right now.


You seem like a driven, focused type of guy with a real star charisma about you, what is your driving force?

Musical theatre was a great starting point for me, but I knew deep down playing characters after a while would bore me. I want to be me. I don’t want to be a stereotype or a puppet. I have a voice and I have a message. I want longevity, I have lots up my sleeve, I can and will do it all. I have been compared to Grace Jones a lot, and I love that. I didn’t even know who she was but I’ve done my research and she is a bad ass with a banging body at 80 years old or whatever [ed. 67 actually!]…I want me some of that.


What attributes do you think are needed to make it in this showbiz world?

You gotta be authentic, you gotta be fearless – I gravitate towards fearlessness. It’s a powerful thing to be who you are and own every breath of it.


You’re such a strong character, what’s the reaction been like from fans and people on social media?

Oh my god – social media is amazing isn’t it? The fact people can connect with me, follow what I’m doing, drop me a message, say I am an inspiration? It’s crazy but I love it and love that I can spread some positivity. I say ‘Spray life with confidence’ I want to inspire for it to be beautiful for people.


So where do you call home now ? London or Oz?

London is home. For the first time in my life I feels like I have made a connection with a country. I love London, I have a British passport so I see myself as a Brit. I also feel connected with my cousins here and comfortable. It’s great. My mother and sister still live in OZ.


What was school life like for you?

In Australia, it was a little bland, very Ja’mie Private School Girl. Actually Chris Lilley, who plays Ja’Mie went to same school as me. My school life was a bubble, I just  got on with it. I knew I didn’t really fit in, it was a culture shock from having been in schools In Indonesia and Bangkok. The midtown suppression that is stereotyped with high schools – well mine was exactly that.


Were you popular?

I had friends, I just got on with it really. Was I invited to the house parties ? No, not me… But that’s fine, I didn’t dwell on it. Going to Oz was a real culture shock for me, I felt alienated.


Were you bullied ?

Um, yeah… I mean I think every gay boy in school gets a form of bullying. What can you do? I just got on with school, I knew I was going to take my own path. I mean who is having the last laugh now ? X Factor, gigging and wearing amazing heels?


So with your ‘different path’ where did it take you?

To perform and study musical theatre. Joining musical theatre school was like a therapy and a discovery for me, I could be me, I could play different characters, I could meet like-minded people who were creative and wanted to perform. You know when it just feels right? Well, this felt right. I got the chance to explore who I was. It was an amazing growth for me.


Who was your teen crush?

Zac  Effron is hummmina hummmina, gorgeous and the fact he did a stint in rehab made him just that little bit hotter in my eyes! Oh, and the one direction boys and Bieber…


Hahahaha, so you have a type?

Ummm not really. I try not to box anything in. Firstly I don’t do labels, straight, gay blah blah! Labels are for that Versace shirt on my back. Just be you. Be a good human. Love yourself and find love In which ever capacity you want it.


Were you a sporty boy?

I love tennis and I love Serena Williams, my god she is powerful and I’m a fucking good player. I also loved the water polo team but maybe that was for other reasons hahaha. Oh and swimming – swimming is a favourite of mine, getting up early, training, striving for something for what you want is great training for life in general.


Have you ever had a girlfriend.?

No, I am a golden gay! Woof woof a pedigree. I always knew I was gay, from the moment I popped into the world. I am still learning about myself everyday and I love that.


Do you believe In the law of attraction?

Oh god yeah! I Believe in what you put out you get back.. I mean I look at my life to this point, and everything I have asked the universe for it has delivered for me. You must never be afraid to ask for something, once you put it out there, there is only two ways it can go. For you or against you. If against then it purely wasn’t meant to be.


Going back to music , who inspires and influences you as an artist ?

I love people who really connect with their art, sing from that passion, that emotion and that feeling. When Sam Smith sings I feel it, when Nina Simone sings I get the feeling…I also love artists who crossover into film, Jennifer Hudson, Jared Leto… They are multi talented – Beyoncé is amazing. I love Rihanna, she is a bad ass, she is the full package. I like Madonna but I’m more of a Lady Gaga era. J.Lo has the original and best butt on the scene – she is a triple threat and I love that. She started in theatre now look at her, she is inspiring.


Where do you want to take your music and who would you like to work with?

So in love with James Bond and big orchestras and dramatic sounds. I am not sure exactly what direction I want to take, at this moment I’m enjoying the ride, this crazy journey, doing the tour and well I am still researching with musical sounds and producers. I would love to work with Mark Ronson, he said of my performance on X Factor that it could babe gone to number one… He is seriously cool and has amazing hair.


Have you any insecurities?

We are all humans and I think we all get insecure at one point or another. For me I feel quite secure as a person at this moment, but I’m slightly daunted by  relocating my life. Not being settled at the moment as I am on the road. It comes with a lot of uncertainty. It’s a scary thing – is it going to work ?’


What would you say to your 16 year old self today?

To my 16 year old self I would say (as I would to any 16 year old today) just be confident and be who you wanna be and go get it. Know what you want and be fearless. it’s a cliche to say but it’s so true. To get what you want out of life you need to hold your head high and strutt as RuPaul would say.


Do you find it hard keeping fit?

Hell yeah, especially with the UK weather and dark early nights, I’m totally unmotivated. But I workout probably four times a week. I mix it up with conditioning and weights. Travelling makes it hard to keep on top of. I try to drink my water and eat my kale but the odd burger is finding its way in. One thing I miss about Australia is running over the bridge in the sun and stopping off at a salt water pool for a swim and tanning session. I also love peanut butter – crunchy peanut butter because it taste like ass.


You have a unique sense of style, what is your inspiration behind it, what do you expect to get from wearing heels and big hoops ? People must look twice at times?

I’m Sean Miley Moore – I’m fuckable! Fabulous! Fierce! I have  fun with fashion. I do  what feels right for me, these heels are fabulous. I’m thankful you call it unique. People may stare, but I love it, I wear a smile on my face and I am happy and it shows. Sometimes, I like to switch it up – sexy dangerous fabulous it’s delicate it’s me. I guess I will change it up over time. I like to experiment but for this moment I’m in, this is where I’m meant to be.”


Are you comfortable within your skin – how long did it take you to feel comfortable – totally comfortable?

It’s a survival of the fittest out there, as you grow and become aware of who you are and what you want I think becoming comfortable just happens. We have one life baby, we need to enjoy it.’


So you don’t regret X factor? Was the show a true representation of who you are?

The X Factor is an amazing opportunity, I wanted to come to the UK, see my family, try it out and try and fulfil my dream or at least start my journey. This show and the UK are the perfect platforms for this. The show portrayed me as exactly who I am. I am truly humbled by this experience and the doors it has opened for me. I get to sing, travel and also I met a guy I’m so in love with when auditioning for the show.’


So you are in love? Can you share some more about it?

‘We met on the show, he is amazing. He is loving me for me, I feel lucky and so in love. To have someone that accepts me for me and if I want to wear a skirt be cool with it then to me that’s special. He is amazing. I am happy. It’s first real relationship. I have had the experience of the one sided love, boy that’s a killer and it triggers off emotions and feelings which got me into song writing, I play the piano so the writing and playing helps. With sex it is just as important to feel comfortable with the person who you are with. It’s personal it’s private and if has to special.

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