OMG! Social media has gone wild since gorgeous Linford Martin and Xanthi Toupoyannis hooked up for a romantic meal on last night’s First Dates.

Although the pair were possibly the most gorgeous men to EVER appear on the popular reality show, they sadly didn’t hit it off. But that didn’t stop First Dates viewers from declaring their undying love to the pair after it was clear love wasn’t on the cards. 

As fans of the show that we are, GuysLikeU caught up with the boys to find out what the date was really like and to find out more about them and whether or not they are still free agents and available to date.  

Here, Linford, a 26 year old hotel manager and part time model from Leicester reveals all about what he really thought about Xanthi and recalls a nightmare date that left him in hospital!


So, Linford, what expectations did you have about the guy you were going to meet? 

To be honest, I didn’t know what I was expecting. I had never been on a blind date before, so I was just hoping to meet someone friendly, not judgemental and someone I got on with, with similar interests.

Are you normally a good date – are you flirty or do you let the other guy make all the moves? 

I am an awful dater! I get so nervous and overthink things so much and tend to drink a little too much to try and ease the nerves.

What kind of guys do you go for in general in terms of looks and persona.

I tend to go for guys, who are fun and friendly someone who my friends and family would get along with as they are extremely important to me.

Ep 4

Ep 4

When did you realise that Xanthi wasn’t for you?  

I think it was a mutual agreement, Xanthi was lovely but I could tell we weren’t into each other.

You say you don’t like the gay scene, how come?

I hit the gay scene at 17, and loved it at first, as I grew older I found the scene very sly, and bitchy and extremely promiscuous! Which is why now I tend not to hang around with many gay people.

Why do you find it hard to make gay friends? 

I do find it very hard to make gay friends, it’s hard to distinguish friendship and sexual gain! So I found a lot of people would make friends with me but expect a sexual relationship alongside it!

What kind of people make up your friends circle?

The majority of my friends are girls and straight lads, I do have two close gay friends, but it’s strictly friendship and always has been which is why we get along so well.

Did you see Daniel May on First Dates who said he hated camp men – what did you make of him?

I did see him, I think Daniel was fame hungry, everyone is entitled to their own opinions but I’m not convinced they were his opinions I think he was trying to create a stir in order to further his fame!

Have you had any disaster dates in your time?

I have fallen asleep at the cinema, I have pissed myself in a restaurant ( I was really drunk!), fallen down a flight of stairs! You name it I’ve done it!

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Bless you! You have a boyfriend now, right?How did you meet  

I met Jess, my boyfriend via Facebook. We had been speaking for six months and decided to meet up and hit it off. He’s incredible, I literally couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend! He ticks every single box for me and I truly couldn’t imagine my life without him. 

Take us back… When did you realise you were gay? 

I always knew I was gay from a very young age, I remember in the playground at school I must have been 6 or 7 and the teacher pulled me to one said and told me I was supposed to chase the girl when playing kissy chase not the boys!

How long did you keep it to yourself?

I came out to a close friend at the age of 17! Then my first gay experience was with a friend when I was 16 who has now gone on to have kids and marry a woman!

Blimey! Did you ever have girlfriends?

I had a lot of girlfriends during my teens and I genuinely did want to be with them. I’m a strong believer in falling in love with the person not the sex.

Was being gay something you were worried about?

I still think to myself now, do I wish I wasn’t gay? Before I met my partner I would have done anything to lead a ‘normal’ life as it would be a lot easier, but I’m very content within myself at present

Who were your gay role models?

I can’t say I’ve ever had a gay role model, I think you’re role model should be the best possible persons u can be! Not to base yourself on others.

Who was the person you were most worried to tell?

My younger brother. You see, he was very popular at school, a lad’s lad, he’s now a semi professional footballer and a PE teacher so he is quite the opposite of me. He’s great now.

Who was the first person you told?

My best friend at the time. My mates were fine about being gay! They weren’t shocked at all, it was more of a ‘oh thank God you’ve finally told me’.

Did any one reject you?

People at college were a little miffed by it at first, but it wasn’t a major deal

How was it at school? Did the other guys treat you well?

I was bullied at school quite a lot as I was fairly camp and it was apparent I was gay. But it wasn’t until the last year of school when I started to hang around with all the popular pretty girls that the lads stopped picking on me

Did you throw yourself into the gay scene? Was it as you expected.

I did indeed, it was amazing at first like nothing I have ever experienced, but the novelty soon wore thin. I do not go on the gay scene anymore at all!

Have you had any terrible experiences?

I’ve had men force themselves on me. I’ve been spiked with Rohypnol.

That’s outrageous! What happened?

I was 18  and this guy was buying me drinks all night. All of a sudden I felt very drunk and tried to get outside for some air. And that’s the last thing I remember. The next thing I know I woke up in hospital with my mum, dad and brother by my bed. Apparently I had been found in the gutter outside the club, soaking wet as it had been raining. I was very lucky as there are other guys out there who get into a lot of more trouble. I was lucky!

That kind of thing is becoming a lot more common these days.

I’d advise people that as desirable as it sounds, to avoid letting men you don’t know buy you drinks, especially in gay bars. You have to be careful as more often than not those guys are definitely after one things

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Do you find the scene is very superficial

It is very superficial, everyone if out for themselves

Do friends match make?

They try to! But I always find it a little offensive, as soon as they know someone is gay they’re like OMG my friend is gay!


Have you experienced any homophobia?

I’ve been very fortunate, I’ve never been attacked or anything, I’ve had verbal abuse, but I can stick up for myself

Any dating disasters?

I’ve seen my fair share of cheaters!!

Have you always been wary about safe sex?

I always practise safe sex!

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