With terrestrial TV proving so difficult to watch during this pandemic, the return of Dynasty to Netflix UK is the shining light you didn’t realise you’ve been missing.

This weekend, season three of the glossy soap dropped on Netflix UK, almost a year after the rest of the world got to see it. When Season two ended last summer, it was revealed that fans in the UK and various territories would no longer be able to watch the series unfold weekly (a night after it was screened in the US). Instead, they would have to wait a year and watch the series in one go – angering devoted fans.

But after the long wait, the show is back and it is certainly worth the wait. We would love to explain what you could expect from this new series, but you really need to have watched it from the start to get a good grasp of what’s going on because the plots are so twisty-turny, it’d be a headache to recap.

What you do need to know is THIS: While most people bang on about the torturously slow worthy dramas that appear on the streaming service, Dynasty for some reason still hasn’t had recognition it deserves. It’s campy, packed with drama and catfights and features a beautiful and incredibly diverse cast. Not only that, the script sizzles with delicious one liners and the performances from the glossy cast are simply out of this world.

The series is an utter joy to watch and it has yet to gain the devoted fan base it truly deserves. 

For those who know little about the show, it follows the lives of the scandalously wealthy Carrington family and their friends and enemies, who try to outwit each other with devilish deals and conniving cons. 

Although Blake Carrington – played by the dashing Grant Show – is the head of the household, it is sasstastic daughter Fallon – the sensational Elizabeth Gillies – and gay son-in-law Sammy Jo – the insanely handsome and brilliantly witty Rafael De La Fuente – who really take centre stage and drive the narrative, providing the show with its fair share of drama, one liners and laughs. 

But it’s not just the younger cast mates who burn up the screen – snoot-faced Nicolette Sheridan who plays Blake’s scheming ex wife Alexis was the best queen of mean on the box right until she sadly departed and was replaced by a brilliant Liz Gillies standing in for her until producers find a new Alexis.

Meanwhile, Alan Dale, who we brits know as Jim Robinson from Neighbours, is dryly hilarious as Anders the family butler and recently revealed  biological father of Steven Carrington.

Each episode is a hoot managing to deftly  juggle edge of seat drama with sharp witty dialogue. There’s even been an insane Wizard Of Oz dream sequence that has to be seen to be believed. 

Ratings have been healthy though not exceptional in the US but the series is set to film a fourth season once this pandemic madness is over.

But why are viewers seemingly so slow on the uptake? With so many worthy deeply dark dramas on Netflix getting so much coverage, Dynasty gets overlooked. And that’s a shame as it’s polished, campy, dramatic and occasionally packs an emotional punch. 

Don’t believe us? Well here are a handful of reasons why you HAVE to watch Dynasty! 

The sassy one liners are scorching hot. Get some mates around and play the shot game and swig one whenever Alexis or Fallon spit out a stinging barb

There amazing cat fights. Episode one has an amazing girl on girl brawl when Fallon and her stepmum to be have a pre wedding scrap. But wait until you see the almighty pool barney when Fallon and Alexis are reunited. It’s wicked! 

The episode when Alexis returns is sensational. After Steven and Sammy Jo’s genuinely emotional wedding ceremony and get jiggy, the mean queen makes a sensational entry!

The on off relationship of Fallon and Liam.

The insane casting of Liz Gillies as post surgery Alexis…

The sassy dialogue between Fallon and loony Adam – and Liam is hot.

The end of series one cliffhanger where the future of some of our favourite characters hangs in the balance as they are trapped in a burning building is just brilliant. 

The Wizard of Oz in season two dream sequence has to be seen to be believed….