Actor Daniel Mays says that starring in the critically acclaimed BBC drama Against The Law has made a massive impact on his life and career.

The 39-year-old actor, who can be seen in The Limehouse Golem, played journalist Peter Wildeblood in the hard-hitting dramatisation of the infamous Montagu Trial of 1954, and says it was a “transformative” experience.

“Purely from an acting point of view the role was unlike anything I had ever attempted before,” he tells You’re Welcome. “It was the most transformative thing I’ve ever taken on. It was an incredible experience and I relished it.”

When it aired in August, the reaction to the drama was unanimously positive and Mays was thrilled by the responses.

“I’ve been blown away,” he says. “Obviously with the LGBT community it has really resonated, but even among the straight community, they were shocked to hear about aversion therapy and the draconian measures that gay people had to undergo at the time.”

Daniel says Against The Law tells a story that is still important today, a time when gay rights are being challenged more than ever in various countries across the globe.

“The political landscape at the moment is unsettling,” he observes. “There are still countries around the world that consider being gay a criminal act. I really struggle to get my head around that. This film is an important reminder that there is still a long way to go.”

You can read Daniel’s full interview in the new issue of You’re Welcome, available free at stations across central London.