We can’t get enough of the new series of Big Brother – two days in and we’re already hooked. When we heard that notorious First Dater Daniel May had auditioned for the show but missed out on a place, we just had to ask him how he felt about watching wannabes who took his place.

So, Daniel, you auditioned for this series but didn’t make it through.You must be furious!
Furious? Of course I am. I would have been a great house mate because I am real! I don’t try to be something I am not. I am not being funny when I say I am MORE famous then all of those wannabes, even when they leave the house they still won’t be anywhere near as famous as I’ve become. It’s six months down the line I am still recognised everywhere.

What do you make of the contestants who did make it on to the show?
Yet again the producers have made very predictable decisions. They are all very, very boring with no real personalities. They are like a Jack Russell, all bark and not bite. They are ALL wannabes, the women are more butch then the men and that’s saying something! It’s a house full of screaming queens. There are only two explanations to explain why there is only half a brain cell between all of them, the first being they were dropped on the head as a baby or the more likely option that the fumes from the hideous fake tans have fried their brains.

Do you know any personally? 
Are you crazy?? I would NEVER associate myself with those vile people. Actually I tell a lie, the only person who I like – and I know I would actually really get along with is Andy – he is the kind of gay I really like; down to earth, not trying to be something he’s not and is not a horrible fake camp that the scene is full of at the moment. Speaking of fake camp it seems we have a gay duck in the house at the moment, can you guess who I am talking about? Have you seen the size of them lips???

There’s an interesting mix of gays in the house this year. What do you make of Sam, Ryan, Andy and Hughie?
Sam is a idiot, he’s trying too hard for people not to think he’s gay. Ryan, I detest, he actually makes me feel sick, he is EVERYTHING I hate about gay men – he is the duck I was talking about before and I think Simon Cowell was right when he said Ryan is a ‘horror of a human being’. I think I want to marry Andy, and it’s a shame he has a boyfriend. Hughie is, well, he is forgettable.

Who’s the one you think we should keep an eye on?
I think Charlie is the one to watch. She is messed up romanticially but I can tell deep down she is a really kind and caring lady. In many ways she reminds me of me.

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