Okay, so Gemma Collins maybe the unofficial queen of the new series of Dancing On Ice, but let’s not forget what the show is really about. The skating? Nah… it’s all about copping an eyeful of the gorgeous beefy ice studs flexing their muscles on ice.

And what a selection there is for us ravenous fellas to choose fro, this year. Sadly most of the hot beef cakes have ladies – yes LADIES – in their lives. But that doesn’t stop us from lusting after the super talented skaters.

Here we list our three favourite hunks of the 2019 series. Let us know who your favourites are, their hottest pics and our favourite moments on the ice…

Sylvain Longchambon

Who? Oooh la la. He’s the French fancy we can’t get enough of with a treasure chest full of rippling muscles, a pant-trembling accent and a handsome mush to break a million hearts!

Who’s he dancing with? The lovely Jane Danson from Corrie. The lucky gal!

Is he single? Well, boys, he’s married to Jane’s bezzie and Corrie legend Samia, who he actually met on the ice back in 2013! Now the gorgeous twosome are married. Lucky minx!

Alexander Demitriou

Who? He’s the smiliest lad you ever did see with the most dashing puss. He may look swarthy and mediterranean but the minute he opens his gob he’s full on Blackpool jibber-jabber.

Who’s he dancing with? He looks set to make the final with PussyCat Doll Melody.

Is he single? Sadly not. He’s married to Carlotta who was dancing with Richard Blackwood.

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Smile babe.

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Matt Evers

Who? The handsome, charismatic Canadian skater who has been with the show from the start with a taste for fellas.

Who’s he dancing with? He’s the lucky blighter who gets to glide a certain Ms Collins across the ice. Bless him!

Is he single? Not sure. He says he is, but surely a swoon some fella like Matt can’t be hard up for dates.