Coach Trip’s fun-loving Alex talks to’s Christian Guiltenane about life on the road, flirting with Brendan and how his girlfriend reacted when he told her he was gay!

If you’ve been hooked the sensational series of E4’s Coach Trip: Road To Ibiza, you’ll have noticed a rather handsome and fun-loving chap called Alex having the time of his life as he and his coach mates whiz across Europe.

As we at GuysLikeU have a magical talent of spotting stars of the future, we tracked the scrummy fella down to find out  more about him and discovered that not only is he as funny as he is on screen, but is a pretty sexy guy to boot!

Here he opens up about life on the road, flirting with Brendan and how his girlfriend reacted when he told her he was gay!

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Alex, You’ve been so much fun on Coach Trip – you have rather a big following. How did you get involved?

I was actually asked to do Big Brother t start with, but when they slowly realised I was actually a non-argumentative and fun kind of person they simply didn’t have a space for me on the show. Perhaps a blessing in disguise because then I was asked to appear on Coach Trip and then history was made! Ha!

We can’t help but notice that there was a spark between between you and Brendan!

Brendan and I flirted so much! But no, he isn’t my type. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a lovely guy with such a beautiful heart, but just not the kind of guy I’d go for. He is handsome though, right? With a massive……heart!

What kind of guys do you go for then?

No I don’t have a type cause it’s all about the personality for me. I mean I have to be turned on by them but if they got a banging personality then I’m a sucker for that. I like that I’m a unique guy with a lot to give to this world I’m not a follower I want to follow my own journey with my own heart and my own ideas.

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Was it as fun as it looks?

The experience was everything and more! We filmed for 20 hours a day sometimes so a lot is cut! We didn’t meet any awful people along the way. Everyone was lovely. There was one couple who joined the coach who played such a dirty game, but mostly everyone was lovely. You are put in a very odd situation and have to prepare yourself for like the unexpected.

You and Rochelle caught our eyes because you are so UP all the time.

Well, you see I have absolutely nothing to be unhappy about. What’s the point? We are on this earth for such a short amount of time, so why not enjoy it and make your life a sound track you would love to listen to!

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 12.01.45You have a rather fun YouTube channel that features a lot of video clips of you lip synching to Mariah! We’re guessing you’re a fan!

My YouTube channel is great fun! It’s real, I call ‘myself moments’ because I try and capture a moment instead of a silly video so that’s why sometimes mine can be very hit or miss. But Mariah… well, she is everything, I love her! She’s my idol. I love her music, her lyrics, her tone! She just has all the sass you need in the best way possible! I love everything about her music. She sings the soundtrack to her life perfectly.

There are a lot of video clips of you jumping around in your undies….

I’m a gymnastic so I’ve been lucky with my body it’s always been quite toned. Being vegan I find it hard to bulk but I do work out a lot to keep my body looking cute and toned.

Are you conscious about the way you look?

Insecurities are just a man made fiction for people to buy into a materialistic world. We are all beautiful, the quicker we learn that, the better all our lives will be. People strive for perfection but that doesn’t exist. Perfection is all around you. You just need to remember that the most important things in life are invisible.

Tell us about how you keep that bod looking so good.

I eat extremely healthily. You see, I’m vegan so my diet is very important. I don’t each anything I don’t believe will do good for me. I’m quite strict like that. I then work out my core and push theses weights so my muscles pop like Hercules. Oh yes, I also train my mind, yoga and meditation is the way forward.

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Do you feel a pressure to look a certain way?

I don’t feel like I should look a certain way for anyone other then me. If I’m honest, I’ve always loved my body it’s what I was born with and I know how beautiful it is. Flaws and all. If I had to choose my favourite body part had to be my V lines I love seeing them on guys and love the fact I have them. I also love my heart because I know I have a golden one.

What do you think guys like most in you?

I think guys like my eyes most because I’ve been told that a few times. They also seem to like my back and chest.

And what do you like in guys?

I love backs and legs on guys and hair. If all are good, then I’ll get a twinge down below.

Would you say you were vain?

Vain? (sings) ‘You’re so vain, you probably think this interview is about you!’ Haha, I mean everyone’s slightly vain. But no I’m not Carl vain ;p

Have you ever worried about the size of your manhood?

Not at all! My manhood is perfect. Like it’s just perfect. Only a lucky few get it.

Boxers, briefs or nothing?

Nothing, I like to be free and let it all hang out and hang loooooooow!


When did you realise you were gay? 

I realised I was gay when I was a very young child, like I’ve always been gay. I kept it in for ages cause I was scared you couldn’t be an actor and be gay…. Little did I know. I never not wanted to be gay I don’t think, I just wished i could be successful and still be me. As I grew up I realised I could be and that’s when my life really became magical.

Tell us about your first gay experience. 

I remember kissing a guy at school and being like OMG that was hot!! I was like all giggly and horny after it happened. I was about 15 at the time

Who was the person you most worried about telling?

I was super scared telling my best mate Juliette at the time cause I thought she was so cool and I didn’t want her to judge me and not be my friend know more! The first person I actually told was my sister I think! She was like ‘girl… Say what?? You gay!?? Honey the whole worlds knows that!! Shut up go make me some toast.’ Literally, she was like, that’s not a secret. I mean, I did grow up a very girly boy. So it wasn’t really a surprise to my family. They all knew before I did.

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Did you have girlfriends?

I had two serious girlfriends whom I very much liked and cared about. My second girlfriend took my coming out quite hard. Sadly, I don’t speak to either of them now as far as I’m aware they are happy with their boyfriends now, but when my second girlfriend realised I was being serious with coming out she cried a lot. And I mean, a lot! But the thing is I never meant to hurt her. I had to be true to myself. It had nothing to do with her.

Was school a tough time for you?

School was horrible for me. My time at secondary school was just a ballache. I had acne, I was gay and I had no friends! It was a lonely time really. But my brother was like the top dog of the school so luckily I wasn’t really bullied all that much. But I found my escape through drama and art. So I really did learn to be happy even when I had all this going on.


When you came out, did you throw yourself onto the scene?
I really did. I had watched a film called 54 with Ryan Phillippe and was like ‘right I’m gonna get a job in a bar like his character’, and so I did. My very first job was in Soho, in a really popular bar, so I guess that was me throwing myself into the scene. But I have to admit I didn’t really enjoy it that much. In fact, I’m not really a fan of the gay scene. For me, it’s too vacuous.

Have you had any bad experiences on the scene.

I did have one horrible experience. I took part in a bar auction, where for charity they auctioned you off for a date and where the money would to a well respected charity. However the interview I did for it they completely changed my answers and made me sound like a dirty slut, which I’m not at all. So I quit there and then.

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Do you think you can Mr Right on the gay scene?

As I don’t believe in ‘the one’ anyway, so I’d meeting them on the scene is a definite no-no. Finding guys isn’t hard. I’m not so much fussy I just have been through so much I kinda now know what I’m looking for. I have met most guys I’ve ever dated either through friends or Facebook. I don’t do apps cause I like to look up to the sky not down at a screen.


Have you been heartbroken?

I’ve had my heart broken yes. But that’s in the past. I’ve been single for nearly three years so my heart is fully healed now. I still love my ex very much and we’re still very good friends.

Have you experienced any homophobia?

Haven’t most people? I have had what I’d call standard homophobia. I mean some YouTube comments I get are a bit intense. But then, that’s just trolls being trolls and who cares what they say, eh?


Finally, If you were to write a lonely hearts article who would you describe yourself to men.

I’m a pocket rocket fairy tale that wants to sing his way through life with a smile on my face and a vegan chocolate bar in his hand. I like talking to every walk of life and learn as I go, traveling the world, one star at a time. I’m a dreamer because I like to exist in not just this world. I’m a real guy, someone who wants a man to play hide a seek with and watch musical after musical. I want to stroll in the fields hand in hand and talk about everything other than reality.

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