Love Island is over and all we can think about is Kem, Chris and his XXL condoms!

Okay, so reality juggernaut Love Island is over for another year and now we can all finally move on with our lives. Kind of.

But as much as we loved everyone on the show (we genuinely did), there is one couple we simply cannot get out of our heads. No, not Cam and Jamie. Or even Marce and Gabby!

Of course, we’re talking about barnet-teasing Kem and Colossal Chris (we still can’t get over that shower clip! ‘Liv, you’re one lucky bitch!)

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 08.16.05

Yes, we know they’re just mates, but that doesn’t stop us gayers thinking about their delicious bromance.

The way they’d spoon in bed, or tenderly shave their names into their pubes – awwww, it really did warm our cold ,dark hearts!

So, of all the Love Island stories we want to know more about, it is most definitely this tender relationship between the two boys. So come on ITV2, let’s have a great on-the-road show with Kem and Chris going all Brokeback on us! We’d absolutely love it.

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 08.16.29

Meanwhile, on another Chris tip, he and Olivia have revealed that the handsome fella is so humungous down below, that the Love Island bosses had to ship in some EXTRA sized condoms for him.

Olivia confirmed: “Chris and I had a condom issue. He didn’t fit into the normal Love Island condoms. They had to buy special ones in.”

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 08.16.44

Chris added:  “They had to bring in some extra-large condoms for me. They gave them to me and I was like ‘okay hopefully these will work'”.


Anyway, while we go and have a lie down to think about that, here are some of Kem and Chris’s cutest moments.