Fans of TOWIE’s Charlie King are in luck this week as returns to our screens on MTV’s Beach Body SOS.

The hunky star has put his constructed reality past behind him to share fitness tips with an Irish guy called Ronan who is desperate for a body transformation.

And if you check out the show this Wednesday you will see that our Charlie is surprisingly masterful in the gym and really puts his charge to work – even though Ronan admits to him that he was “obsessed” with him during his TOWIE days.


Now a fully trained PT, Charlie says he has loved the challenge of the new series.

“The show is really fantastic! It’s a body transformation show for MTV which follows the journeys of individuals who have reached the stage in their lives where enough is enough with being unfit, over weight or living an unhealthy lifestyle,” he explains.

“There are sixteen case studies and each person wants to better their lives for a different reason or goal. Cue the team of transformers who have to devise fitness programs and 1-2-1 training. What drew me to the show was that we would be transforming these guys as if we would our regular clients and at the end of the three months each person will reveal themselves to friends and family coming out the water on the beach. It was an all round challenge for them and us. It was the perfect opportunity for me to show my expertise and help people the way I love to do so.”

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But in an intimate new interview with London culture and lifestyle magazine You’re Welcome, Charlie has revealed that his own stunning body transformation is nothing to do with vanity but more to do with dealing with his own mental health.

“I suffered with depression about six or seven years ago,” he reveals. “I was hiding my sexuality, I was unhappy about the state of my career, I felt very alienated from people around me and chose to keep myself to myself to avoid confrontation or having people pry into my life too much. I was always very socially awkward and probably still am to an extent.”

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He added: “I just felt very awkward, I was OCD about things – very regimented, sensitive and struggled to really connect with people. In hindsight, it was all due to being bullied at school and being that target. When you are that person it can really leave scars and a self-doubt in you that sticks with you. You start asking yourself, ‘Why me? Am I weird? Why don’t they like me? Why can’t I be like the others…? Am I weird? Why don’t they like me? Why can’t I be like the others…?” I think because I was holding back on identifying my sexuality, I just felt really sad and low during my 20s.”

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“At my lowest point I WOULD question why I am here. I would sit over the country park and question every angle of my life. Then one day, I saw a Samaritans poster with a help number on a gate. I decided to take and call them there and then. The poster was there, tied on the gate because the trains run through the fields – I saw it as a sign.

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“As I studied fitness and exercise it’s very clear to see the connection between mind and body and the chemicals that are released when you do some form of physical activity. It’s the best form of self respect in my eyes. Moderate, consistent, heart rate increasing movement is such a good medicine if possible for you to do.”

Charlie is a fitness trainer on MTV’s BEACH BODY SOS. See how Ronan fairs on Wednesday 21 February. Get your own personal regime from Charlie HERE

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Read the full interview with Charlie in the latest issue of You’re Welcome OUT NOW. The magazine is available at designated boxes near tube stations in central London. If you have trouble finding it, email