Seann Miley Moore says that he is so in love with his new boyfriend – believed to be Zen from The X Factor – that he’d like to marry him!

‘We met on the show, he is amazing,’ he told Guys Like U. ‘He is loving me for me, I feel lucky and so in love. To have someone that accepts me for me and if I want to wear a skirt be cool with it then to me that’s special. He is amazing. I am happy. It’s first real relationship.’

While he’s smitten as a kitten in mittens, he also revealed that he hasn’t always been so lucky ion the romantic stakes.

‘I have had the experience of the one sided love, boy that’s a killer and it triggers off emotions and feelings which got me into song writing, I play the piano so the writing and playing helps. With sex it is just as important to feel comfortable with the person who you are with. It’s personal it’s private and if has to special.’

Catch Seann on the X Factor tour.

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