Aside from producing a fabulous lifestyle website, our other great skill is be able to  spot potental stars before they are famous. Last December, the very handsome and super-talented Brian Justin Crum caught our eye on Instagram! Now six or so months he has captivated the US with a ‘breathtaking’ performance of Radiohead’s Creep on America’s Got Talent.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 08.57.50With vocals as pure and as powerful as Adam Lambert, the handsome crooner had even Simon Cowell captivated by his super emotional performance.

Although these days he is happily partnered up, he admits hat when he was at school life was hard. ‘I had a lot of hard times at school. I was overweight,’ he said. ‘I definitely knew when I was six or seven I knew I was gay that brought a lot of bullying my way.’

His mum recalls how when he was a junior school, his school mates would whisper about him being gay and when he was in middle school they would blatantly call him faggot, which she said was hard for him.

‘I used to think maybe these kids are right, that I am worthless,’ he said. ‘but my mum believed in me and gave me the confidence in who I am!’

Well fingers crossed that Brian goes all the way! We can’t wait to see more showstopping performances like this one.


Celebrating. The bestie and the boyfriend

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Life is hard.

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