Hoorah! The brilliant Celebrity Big Brother has returned to our screens. Here, GuysLikeU’s outspoken columnist and CBB runner up Austin Armacost gives the new housemates some handy advice about winning over the public!

1) Have an opinion

The most boring reality television is when people sit back and remain neutral. If you’re going into the Celebrity Big Brother house, you have to be opinionated. DO NOT be afraid to tell people what you really think. Remember, you weren’t cast in the CBB house to play nice.

2) Do your share of housework

Many people do not realise that during filming, the house is completely self reliant. Dishes, vacuuming, dusting, are all part of what happens that don’t make the show… WHY WOULD THEY? But believe me, the biggest thing to get on people’s nerves is someone who doesn’t help out. Case in point in my season, Janice Dickinson. The woman did NOTHING!

3) Keep tidy

Following of the back of #2, Janice was a pig, as she left bloody plasters and used tissues full of mucus all over the house and she never did the dishes, etc. It really pissed everybody off!

4) Go to the diary room, a lot!

Everybody watching wants to know the real you. Sometimes a discussion with Big Brother in the diary room room will open up your fan base and let them in a little bit closer into your personal life.

5) Forget about privacy

The only places where there are not cameras are the bathrooms, but even in the WCs they’ve got dangling microphones.

6) If you have it, flaunt it

We all know that those sexy shower scenes from the CBB house always make the front pages of the tabloids. So get yourself wet and soapy!  Everybody loves to watch a good scrub down.

7) Be honest

There are just too many cameras for you to get away with anything in there. If you try to play a game, you will get caught!

8) Keep busy

I was lucky to have been in the summer series with a oLoL, the ability to sun bath, workout outside, etc. You have got to keep busy or you will go stir crazy.


Do not complain. You are living in plush house for a month and getting paid a substantial amount of money for it. Enjoy yourself!

10) Drama!

Remember what the show is about… DRAMA!

Celebrity Big Brother kicks off at 9pm on Channel 5 on Jan 5.