Ever fancied becoming a housemate in the world’s most notorious house? If you do, then you’ll need to know how to survive ten weeks of bickering, bitchingScreen Shot 2017-05-18 at 14.56.50 and bitter beefs.

Here in a new series, Big Brother finalist Andy West offers his tips on how to make it through to the end…



The housemates will just be getting used to each other right now, sussing the competition out, judging loyalties and alliances, establishing a pecking order. I say, leave them to it. They will betray their friends, switch their loyalties and realise the people they thought were powerful in the house are hated outside of it.

The popular ‘clique’ will be whittled down by an unimpressed public and the genuine ones will shine through and win respect naturally. The vital thing is to trust your gut. I didn’t always do that and gave certain people the benefit of the doubt but they always confirmed my worst suspicions sooner or later.

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Watch what people do rather than what they say. Do they wash other people’s plates? Do they say ‘thank you’? Do they respect other people’s space? Do they look you in the eye? Do they have the integrity to say things they know will be unpopular with the group? Do they speak normally or does it feel contrived? Are they consistent or do they fly from being childishly sweet to venomously angry?

Good people come in all shapes and sizes. Find them, trust your instincts and – by being a good person yourself – help them to find you.