Heard of K-Pop? No? Well, fear not, listen to these essential cool and camp cuts and expect your life to never be the same again!

Do you remember the days when there were fun Saturday morning kids shows with the cheesiest pop stars banging out the most joyous arms in the air pop anthems. Yes, it feels so long ago. These days, as we saw from the dreary Brit awards, every music star takes themselves so seriously these days which makes for a very boring chart rundown. But over in South Korea, there is a fabulous musical movement that is fast taking over the world called K-Pop. It is a genre that spans over thirty years and whose latest stars produce heart-lifting pop tunes and insane music videos packed with colour and tight dance routines. You may have heard of massively successful boyband BTS (they’re playing Wembley Stadium this summer) and girlband BlackPink (they’re here in May) who have topped the charts in the US but there are so many other bands to fall in love with. Here, we list our favourite K-pop tunes to get your party started.

Sugar Free by  T-Ara

Siren by Sumni



Love Sick – Tahiti

Nobody by Wonder Girls

Alone by Sister

One More Day by Chocolat

Mirror by Fiestar

Whistle by BlackPink


Over You – Miss A

Be Mine – Infinite

Up And Down by Exid

Closer by Oh My Girl

Touch by Miss A

Heroine by Sumni

Come To Me – AOA

Love Is U by Miss A

Why So Lonely? by Wonder Girls


Blue by BigBang

Crush -Weki Weki

Dalla Dalla  by Itzy

As If It’s Your Last by BlackPink

Crazy – Teen Top

Action by 9Muses

Russian Roulette by Red Velvet

Q&A – Cherry Bullet

The Truth Untold – BTS

Black Pearl by Sumni


Secret Tape by Sumni