RuPaul’s Drag Race star Peppermint on why she thinks America’s a laughing stock, what RuPaul wears behind her judging desk and what she thinks about the controversial ‘lip-synch’ departures of Charlie Hides and Valentina

RuPaul’s Drag Race star Peppermint caused havoc last week when she stomped brazenly down a busy market in London’s notorious east end.

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Dressed in a tight purple bustier that barely contained her sensational curves, the saucy sasspot turned heads as she sashayed along the street and shopped for her life.

Although some folks in the Whitechapel area looked on a little bemused by the superglam bundle of energy, the sassy queen luckily was met with smiles and warm greetings from fans and locals who were passing by.

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In fact, during filming she was stopped several times by fans of the show, including one touching moment when a young guy called Az  greeted her and declared himself to be the “the only out Asian in east .”

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Chatting to TV presenter and GuyslikeU columnist Andy West, Peppermint opened up about all sorts of things including what it’s like to be trans in America, why she wants Trump to  fear of Trump and reveals some super secret titbits from everyone’s favourite show.

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Peppermint on Trump

What does it feel like to be an American in this crazy situation with Trump? Its insanity. Many of us feel like we are the laughing stock of the world. Initially when he first won the presidency  it felt like ‘oh my gosh’ we are going get put in concentration camps and be taken back years. It was very frightening. But there’s not much that we haven’t been through that we’re not going to get through.  we’ve been through a lot so we can get through it. I don’t want him get impeached because then Penn steps up to the plate and he’s much much worse. I want Trump to stay bumbling around like an idiot.”

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On Charlie Hides not lip-synching for her life

“Watching the show it seems indefensible. in Charlie’s defence there is a lot you don’t get to see. We’re there for hundreds of hours and it gets boiled down to 40 minutes. So we had just come off the most intense physical challenge that they had ever done on the show and Charlie was one of the people who was injured – she is one of the oldest bitches to have been on the show we don’t expect her to splits and leaps.



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To find out what Peppermint thinks about THAT Valentina lip-sync and the NAKED truth about what RuPaul is wearing behind the judge’s desk, plus her thoughts on her other Season 9 finalists check out this EXCLUSIVE interview.