Okay, so he went and did it. Gorgeous athlete Simon Dunn whipped off his undies in homage to Kim Kardashian and broke the internet!

Well, GuysLikeU, at least, went boom! No sooner had we posted our exclusive interview with the hunk and a slightly uncensored pic of his controversial nude shot, and fans fell over themselves to have a peek. The result? our server went down.

However the guys over at Instagram weren’t so happy and removed the picture from Simon’s feed and yet have left Kim K’s pic online. In a angry Instagram post, Simon said: ‘My photo was removed from Instagram for breach of guidelines yet Kim Kardashian’s which I was having a little fun with by copying remains. Do you think this is a double standard?’

We have reached out to Instagram for a comment and will bring it to you when we hear back!

But don’t worry everything’s back to normal now so, feel free to click back on the story to see the uncensored pic HERE