If you thought sexy GuysLikeU columnist Simon Dunn looked proper fit with a beard and made 70s porno ‘taches still look sexy,  you ain’t seen nothing yet!

The world’s favourite gay bobsledder has shown us yet a new stunning look. He’s only gone bare faced. And wow! He looks sensational.

‘I had the ‘tache for Movember to raise awareness of various cancers, but now it’s December, I thought I’d shave it all off,’ gorgeous Simon told GuysLikeU. ‘I used to be clean shaven when I was younger and have had a beard for a couple of years now so I thought why not see what I look like underneath all the fuzz. Maybe GuysLikeU readers can tell me which look they prefer. I know for a fact that the ‘tache went down a storm with some porn stars who got in touch to let me know! So you never know – it could be back!’

So boys, which look do you like best? Leave a comment below.

Just to remind you of the many hairy faces of BobSleighSimon, let’s take a journey from beard to bare-faced chic!











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