Gorgeous Aussie bobsleigh star Simon Dunn has been keeping a secret for the past few weeks. And we can finally reveal what it is!

He’s coming to the London, baby!

Visa approved, flights booked. Time to begin (In March) the next chapter of my life and move to the U.K 🇬🇧

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Yes, the beefy hunk has revealed that once he hangs up his bobsleigh leotards he is swapping chilly Calgary for a life in the big city.

This isn’t Simon’s first visit to London. Simon enjoyed a flying visit back in 2014 when he topped Attitude magazine’s Hot 100.

We caught up with the delish dude to find out what he has planned when he arrives in the capital.


Are you nervous about what’s around the corner? 

I’m definitely nervous. Not only is London a new city and country but now that I’ve retired from bobsleigh my life is beginning an entirely new chapter. With those nerves I’m also excited about what my future may hold. The possibilities are endless.

Why London? 
I’ve always wanted to live in London. So now that I don’t need to be in Canada for training it gives me the chance to enjoy life a little more. I plan to get back into rugby. And hopefully use the larger platform in London to continue my advocacy for LGBT athletes.

11351646_819882028127661_1370613261_nHave you found London to be a friendly city?
From my experiences. Yes it is. But I guess only time will tell if that opinion stays the same. I have a few good friends wom will insure it does

11356579_1610328695886881_1997326075_nDo you think you’ll find love in London?
I’ve never been one to go somewhere activity looking for love. I feel that takes away from the experience of a place. If it found me I definitely wouldn’t have any obection


Do you think London has sexy men?
I sure do. Hence why I’ve chosen London over other cities.

Simon arrives it the UK in March, so fellas keep your eyes peeled!