Okay, so we saw rather a lot of the gorgeous Simon Dunn this week, after he posted his controversial homage to Kim Kardashian.

Of course, thanks to Instagram, many of us were denied the chance to peek a glimpse at what he had to offer (if you missed it click HERE)

But Simon has posted a sexy new pic that HASN’T been banned yet! And how handsome does he look? Er, very! The shot was taken while he was home visiting pals in Australia. We’re not sure as yet where we can see this and more tasty images but we will inform you when we know.


A photo posted by 🇦🇺 Simon Dunn (@bobsleighsimon) on

And if that isn’t cute enough, check out his other post about what he is looking forward to in the future.


A photo posted by 🇦🇺 Simon Dunn (@bobsleighsimon) on

What a cutie, eh? He recently confided in GuysLikeU that he couldn’t wait to tie the knot. ‘I can’t wait to get married, though I will only get married when Australia finally catches up with the UK and the US and legalise same sex marriage. When I do get hitched, it’s definitely going to be a beach wedding for me. I grew up by the ocean so I wouldn’t have it any other way.’ On the subject of nippers, he added: ‘Kids have always been a dream of mine, even since I was a kid myself. I’m determined to not let my sexuality stand in the way of my dreams. I think I would be a great dad!

Here’s a longer shot of that shower pic: