Oooh, this chilly weather is really getting on our tits at the moment. Not only do we have to wrap up in shapeless winter warmer clothes (probably a good thing, actually, after the excesses of Christmas), we just don’t fancy venturing out. Which means, the single guys amongst us are missing out on some fab new year dating opps (ah, so this is where apps come in handy – to-the-door deliveries!)

imageSo thank god for our favourite out bobsledder, Simon Dunn, who knows how to cheer up our chilly chops. Despite the fact it’s even parkier in frosty Calgary, where he lives and trains, he still can’t keep his God damn clothes on. And praise be to God!

This week, for fun, Simon took time out from pumping his muscles during strenuous training sessions, to shoot a wee cheeky clip of himself toweling himself down after a hot steamy shower, to, might we add, the strains of Pony by Ginuwine! But what’s even hotter? Well, he only goes and drops the towel! The clumsy so and so!

While we helped him dry off (er, we wish) we asked him a few shower related questions.

What part of you do you wash first and which part last?

I shower about three times a day – hey, I like to be clean – but I don’t really have any specific order in what I wash. I just get the job done!

Which celeb guy would you like to shower with?

Well if recent reports are anything to go by, I couldn’t go past sharing a shower with Colton Haynes! He’s hot!

Have you ever had sex in the shower?

Hasn’t everyone? I’ve been lucky, and have never had any real accidents getting it on with a guy, though but some showers are definitely more suitable to the, er, ‘deed’

What’s your shower song?

I’m always singing when I’m having a wash. Mainly Fleetwood Mac!

Thank you Simon, for managing to warm us up no end this chilly mid January!

See more of Simon’s fantastic videos on his amazing YouTube channel.