It’s Valentine’s Day. A great day if you have someone to pamper you, not so great if you’re a sad and sorry singleton looking for love! (Yes, folks, we know not everyone wants to be attached, so don’t moan!)

Well, as a special V-day treat, we persuaded our drop dead gorgeous columnist Simon Dunn to pose for a few special pics to make the day even more exciting for us all. And while we had him in our grasp, we thought we’d find out more about his love life. And boy, were we in for a shock when he started telling us about his wedding plans! WTF!?!?!?!

It’s Valentine’s day! So, Si, what are you doing this year?

Well, as I’m not currently seeing anyone, it will just be a regular day for me. Work and train. That’s my life. Every single day!

Is Calgary a good place to find guys?

Everywhere is the right place to ‘find guys’, they’re all around you, but I’m here in Calgary for a reason! And that’s to train so guys and dating are not a priority right now.

When was the last time you got with a guy?

Ha! I’m certainly not one to kiss and tell.

Boo! Tell us about one of your best Valentine’s Days.

I’ve been single for coming up to five years. I barely remember what it’s like to have a boyfriend let alone what I did for Valentine’s Day.

Aww, we feel sorry for you. Are you a romantic?

I like to think I am. But I’m a very different person to who I was five years ago. Back then I was a little selfish. But I’ve learnt my lesson so think I’ll be a much more of a romantic guy with future partners

Have you been in love?

Indeed, I have. Twice actually.



How long were you together?

One was roughly three years and the other six months

Were you a good boyfriend?

As I said, I was very selfish back in the day. I can think of many things I would do differently now.

When you’re with someone are you always faithful?

What’s the point of being with someone if you’re not faithful. I’m a big believer that if you’re so unhappy that you want to be unfaithful, then just leave the relationship

Have been cheated on?

I hope not!


Have you had your heartbroken?

Yes, I think with any break up we all lose a small piece of ourselves.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

I don’t – it’s more like infatuation at first sight! You fall in love when you get to know people better. That’s the exciting thing about meeting someone.

You’re drop dead gorgeous, do you men ever turn you down?

All the time.

We don’t believe that! You used to look lot different when you were younger and less muscley. Have you always fancied the same kind of guys?

I feel like my look has just matured. I’ve always been attracted to people around my own age. So it’s the same demographic. Although the bear community seems a lot more interested in me these days

Do you use apps?

I do. I don’t really meet people off them though. I’m kinda old fashioned in that respect and too busy. I can count the people I meet off them on one hand – with fingers left over. In saying that, I did actually meet one of the most amazing people to have come into my life off of Grindr. I consider him one of my dearest friends now.

12714271_10153978450849973_1588160876_nHave you ever sent someone a penis shot? Are you worried it could end up in the wrong hands?

Yes I have. I obviously never used to have a public profile like I do now so it wasn’t a worry. I’m more worried that if it is made public it’s a good photo. I think it’s something that will probably happen eventually. But hey, there’s worse things happening in the world.

When you first came out did you shag around like a rabbit?

I was a lot more sexually active then I am now. The older I get the more selective I’ve become with possible partners.

Do you only have sex with condoms?

Yes. It’s the first and safest defence against STIs. If I’m in a relationship, and there’s trust and we are fit and well, then the option not to use them is discussed.

Have you ever been tempted to sleep with a stranger without a condom?

Indeed, and I would be lying if I said I hadn’t had unprotected sex with a stranger. It wasn’t the smartest decision of my life, but I’m not going to pretend I’m perfect and don’t make risky decisions. I’m human after all. But I am more conscious of being safe and healthy!

Do you dream of marriage?

Of course. I can’t wait, though I will only get married when Australia finally catches up with the UK and the US and legalise same sex marriage. When I do get hitched, it’s definitely going to be a beach wedding for me. I grew up by the ocean so I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And will you have an army of kids?


Kids have always been a dream of mine, even since I was a kid myself. I’m determined to not let my sexuality stand in the way of my dreams. I think I would be a great dad!

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