GuysLikeU columnist Robbie Dalgetty isn’t happy that notorious reality star Daniel May has landed himself a radio show.

The issues I have with Daniel May were abundant from the first time I saw him on First Dates. He then dug himself a hole after using an interview to boost him up the media hierarchy, ending in what can only be described as a despicable act of selfishness by faking a homophobic attack to amplify his presence in the media.


Not only has he managed to detrimentally disrespect gay men who have actually suffered at the hands of such attacks, he has now been given a reward for his actions that most aspiring journalists would dream of – his own radio show.

Speaking on behalf of struggling writers, artists and creative’s everywhere, I feel like I cant simply sit and keep my mouth shut.

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There are thousands of extremely talented, well educated in the field broadcast journalists struggling to find work. These people have spent thousands in tuition fees, broadcast equipment and (in my own case) probably worked for free to again experience in the industry. We do this not because we want the world to feel sorry for us, but because that’s how this industry works. Or at least it used to.

Apparently nowadays talent and commitment mean nothing, not when you have a grown man prepared to throw his toys out his preverbal pram and spin any story he can to gain the attention he so desperately craves.

You might be reading this and think I’m pissed off, and you would be correct. I just don’t see the point in encouraging young men and women to go to university, gain industry experience, work their way up the entertainment industry to one day be rewarded by their hard work and perseverance with the job of their dreams, when Daniel gets given a radio show for being – and excuse my language – a grade A fuckwhit.

I’m starting to question my decision to go to university and gain a communications degree. Maybe I would have my dream job by now if at 18 I had battered myself up a bit and cried homophobia to any news channel that would listen. Here I am, like most young creatives trying to make a name for myself following the age old route of respect and expectance, when I could have been living a life like Kim Kardashian by telling porkies and made light of an experience which can devastate the lives of people who have really gone through it.

For anyone wanting to waste their time listening to what Danny boy has to say, tune in to G radio on Thursday at 8pm for ‘Daniel May’s Gossip’ although I would take it with a pinch of salt, we all know how reliable his stories can be…

Now Daniel, would you like some water for that burn?