GuysLikeU columnist Matt Oakes says he doesn’t need a boyfriend.

So with my dating life being about as thrilling as an episode of Doctors I decided to take a step back an re-evaluate everything. I always get asked by friends what is going on with my love life and the answer is always the same….fuck all.

So, yes, there are still a few guys I speak to online who always talk about meeting up….but of course nothing ever comes of it as work gets in the way or its too far etc. It’s great to still have that bit of flirtation but do I really want a relationship? Well……come to think of it, no!

I’ve began looking at other couples around me and just started to think ‘who has the bloody time for all that shit?’ I used to be a HUGE romantic but now I just really don’t care. So many couples seem to drain the life out of each other and spend so much time trying to please the other one that they sacrifice doing the things they love and want to do.

I barely find the time to do everything I want to do now let alone if I was with someone, I don’t want to be that guy! Maybe I’m being bitter cause I am clearly shit at the dating game, and I’ll hold my hands up to that. But part of me just thinks life would be so much easier if I could do what I want, have casual sex with who I want and not get tied down to all this relationship bullshit.

Who knows maybe one day I’ll meet someone who will make me do a complete U-turn on this but for now I’m not going to let the social pressure of being in a couple just for the sake of it. I am going to embrace being single for all it’s worth and start doing everything I’ve always wanted to do.

And as I’m hand-gliding over a tropical white sandy beach with a Pina Colada in my hand, I’m going to look down on all the miserable couples below me and laugh. Relationships – they’re not all their cracked up to be!

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