We live in a day and age in which we practically live our lives via our phones. We can watch the telly, keep an eye on our fitness levels and hook up with random strangers.

But outspoken Austin Armacost has warned his young gay fans that meeting men on dating apps isn’t such a good idea and thinks that we should look back to the days of old fashioned romance.

Writing for his GuysLikeU column, he said: ‘When I was young, Grindr did not exist. However, if it did, my advice would be to not start using electronic ‘apps’ to meet people. I feel that chivalry has nearly been wiped away, romance is hard to find, and the opportunity for natural, organic interaction and chemistry is nearly gone. Love is not something that you flick through profiles to find…. Certainly not something you need statistics like height/weight/and dick size to discover. Many of my friends say “I want to find somebody to spend the rest of my life with and have what you and Jake had.” If that’s the case, then PUT THE PHONE DOWN!’

What do you think? Is romance dead now that apps rule our lives? Can you meet love on apps? 

In other Austin news, he recently shot THIS picture – What do you think about this? Has Austin let himself go?????

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