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How do you overcome the feeling you don’t want to be gay?

Don’t worry, it will pass. I promise you from my very own experience. Growing up in a ‘religious’ small, backwards town in Southern Indiana, I had those very same feelings when I realised what these (strange) feelings meant – that I like guys. Obviously, I was scared about letting the world, especially one where I kind of knew that me big gay wouldn’t be readily accepted.

So I prayed, I tried masculine sports, hell, I even tried girls… Yes, really! Can you believe it? But then over time, I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t change the way I was feeling, that this was who I am. I was gay and if people didn’t like it, that was THIER problem. Not mine.

So, boys, if anybody ever asks you that bullshit question that being gay is a choice why you chose to be gay; juts look them in the eye and ask them when they chose to be straight. I bet they can’t answer that one.

Accepting yourself and being proud of who you are is a massive hurdle to overcome towards realising your self worth. But believe me, it comes in time. And then you’ll be happy.