Austin recently asked his fans to send him questions they were dying to ask. Over the next few days, the outspoken hunk will be answering them exclusively on 

Are you ever going to do full frontal?

For those of you not familiar with The A List New York my reality show in the States, I was offered to shoot the cover of Playgirl Magazine. In that shoot, I would have posed completely nude with full frontal. However I made the wise decision to turn it down. If you google me on the internet there are photos of my ass everywhere, that big ole booty is out for the world to see. But nowhere is there a picture of my penis. I don’t take pictures of it, it’s never been photographed, and I do not intend for it to ever be. That is one part of me that I would like keep between my husband and I.

Tomorrow Austin answers: Did doing Celebrity Big Brother put a strain on your marriage?

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