Austin Armacost says that those individuals who think gay people are ‘not normal’ need to be educated by us. Responding to a fan who asked ‘What do you do if your family does not accept you?’ he explained that he thought the best way to chip away at people’s prejudices is to show them what  being gay is really like.

‘Unfortunately, some people will never be swayed on their views when it comes to the LGBT community,’ Austin says. ‘There are many prejudices and presumptions about gay men in particular: we are all pedophiles, we are having sex unprotected with multiple partners, we are all drug addicts, etc. Many people who do think this way are just ignorant. I used the word ‘ignorant’ here in its true definition, of not knowing. These people do not know who anybody who is LGBT, so that long standing stereotype has never been broken. So SHOW THEM. Show your family that you are just a normal person. I always tell people my relationship is happier and healthier and most of the straight relationships I know. We are both young professionals, we are monogamous, we don’t use drugs, etc. Of course we go through ups and downs like any relationship but it is (OUR) job to educate the ignorant.’

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