Media manager Aurelio Alexandre reveals how he has turned his interest in all things techy into a fulfilling career.

Do you like all things techy? Do you fancy landing a job where you can put your knowledge of computers, gadgets and all that malarkey to the test? Well, you can. Aurielo Alexandre is a 27 year old media manager who works for a school trust. But in his spare time he is an app developer and has come with a snazzy app that teachers, parents and pupils can use to make school a much more fun place.  

So Aurielo, first up, tell us about your day job. 

Well, firstly I have to deal with teachers, which is not an easy job, ha. I am basically in charge of all the media equipment within the school including any online resources. So I am responsible for sorting out all the publicity for the school, from taking photos to creating promo videos and most recently managing their app.

How did you get started?

I have always enjoyed anything that involves being creative. When I was at school, I took a wide selection of GCSEs and then a BTEC level 3 in Art and Design. But I have always enjoyed technology and love being creative with new medias! To have a job where you can use this creativity on a daily basis is amazing! I’m not sure I could really do a 9 to 5 job without all the different things that come up in my job day to day! It keeps the job exciting.

Is it a tough job?

It can be. It’s a very busy place to work trying to satisfy the teachers and their demands but I thrive on it. I may moan a little when I get home after a long day, but I do love it. I enjoy solving solutions to problems and prioritising work which works well with my role!

What did you before this job?

I was an IT technician which I enjoyed doing but found somewhat boring at times. Being the media manager I now have ownership of my space and my role within the trust and I am extremely proud

What’s the hardest thing about your job?

The amount of work – there’s so much to do. So many people to help!  People think that working in a school is easy but it’s quite the opposite. Now days we are all under a lot of pressure because there are so many things to do.

What makes the job so fulfilling?

Doing something I love everyday! That’s the best thing. I also really enjoy working with the students too. There are some great people there.

Aurelio, tell us about this amazing app that you’ve created.

I have been currently creating apps for schools. The aim is to improve the way schools communicate with parents. Working within a school I feel that I have a unique view on how schools can add to their existing resources. It allows schools to share news, photos or announcement straight to parents fingertips, without it being a letter that has been stuffed into their child’s bag. Smartphones are now an integral part of people’s lives which makes it easy for them to open an app and see what time a school club ends or if the school has an announcement. If anyone would like to know more they should check out

How can it be used?

I have made it as simple as possible to navigate. As a busy person, I wouldn’t want to scroll through a lot of information before I found what I was looking for, which happens with a lot of websites. Which is why I only add the important bits of information parents may want.

What are the benefits?

It is currently available on the App Store and Google Play store. It will also be available on iPad which will be coming soon. Parents have access to the school’s social media pages, contact information and any useful information needed.

Won’t kids feel like they’re being spied on?

This is aimed at staff, parents and students, so should be considered as a cohesive media app. Perhaps in the future I will incorporate ways for students to incorporate it into their studying.

What advice would you give to others about getting started in your kind of job?

I would say, you should really know what you want to do. If you believe in that then there should be no stopping you. Having a creative background can lead to a number of different jobs. Stay focused and never stop chasing what you want.


Does being an out guy, help you navigate through life a little easier?

Since meeting my boyfriend four years ago (above, left), and coming out to my family I feel that I have been able to grow as a person. The support of friends and family is invaluable! No one should ever be defined by their sexuality or choices in life. However the feeling of being accepted and loved helps us all believe in chasing our dreams.