How many of you ever said to yourself, ‘One day I’d like to work at Madame Tussauds!’ Er… probably not many, as  it’s not exactly the first place of work that comes to mind! But then how do you think those stunning waxworks get made? They don’t just get made by magical hardworking elves in the thick of night. A lot of planning and hard work go into creating each and everyone of the those A-list dummies that tourists gawp at with such glee.

Long before the wax versions of celebs make their grand debut at one of the many Madame Tussauds across the globe, one man has the tough task of persuading the biggest stars in the world to agree to a sitting.

That man is Kieran Lancini, a 35 year old Australian guy who has the best and toughest job on the world.

Kieran Lancini meets a young Justin Bieber!

Kieran Lancini meets a young Justin Bieber!

So Kieran, what exactly do you do at Madame Tussauds?

As Global Head of Media Relations for Madame Tussauds, I head the department that oversee the talent approaches (for those selected to be immortalised in Wax), global PR strategy and social media across the existing 19 Madame Tussauds sites globally.

What does your day entail?

My days starts quite early with calls and business relating to the Asian sites – I then do regular follow up with managers, agents and publicists locking down dates for sittings (where we travel to the artist to measure them for their wax Figures) or organising side by side launches – where the talent come to launch their figures in person. Check media monitoring reports for global MT activity. Coming up with different and new ways to launch and also create our figures. No day is the same really.

How did you get your big break?

Upon moving to London (from rural North Queensland, Australia) 9 Years ago – I literally had no idea what I wanted to do when I got here. I actually only planned to be here for around 6 months. Not really knowing the exchange rate and discovering London’s incredible nightlife and pub scene – as well as taking taxi’s everywhere – I quickly went through my savings and desperately needed a job. I have always loved entertainment industry, and was walking past Madame Tussauds one afternoon and decided to go in to see if I could get a cheeky snap with Kylie Minogue. I had such a great time in there, that when I got home I went on their website and applied for a job.

Even though I had a marketing degree from Australia in my back pocket, I got my foot in the door within MT’s in the operations department, where I worked for around 6 months until a job came up in the marketing department for Madame Tussauds London specifically.

After a year on the London site, I was bought over to the Global team and was promoted to External Relations Executive, which involved securing talent for not only London, but for the then 6 Madame Tussauds sites globally. The job basically grew from there.

What did I do before this job?

My career was been very varied ranging from being a Country music recording artist, to working in events at one of the biggest casino’s in Australia. My parents wouldn’t allow me to move to Sydney (to further my music) until I got a degree. I believe that my brief experience in the music industry taught me a lot on how to deal with agents, managers ect – which set me up perfectly for the role I am in now.

What makes it so fulfilling?

One of the elements I love about the role is that it is so varied. I get to travel the world and meet the most iconic people on the planet – the ones who really have shaped popular culture and the world today. I also work with some of the most dedicated and talented artists in our studios team. They really are the ones who really drive the product with their amazing artistic talent and integrity. Also working for a brand that is over 250 years old really is incredible and really quite humbling.